Friday, August 10, 2018

Notes From The Canyon

The sweet Guernsey bull greeted me as I drove down our road, back from the dump. Glenn has helped me with the trash for many months now, so it  felt good to be back doing things for myself. My friend Benny, he was friendly with Errol and has been very kind to me, was there and helped me unload the Jeep. 

As you can see, the air is pretty clear. 

Wild sunflowers grow all around the dump. I have been looking at the early days of my blog and found this picture. It looked just the same today. I started my blog in August 2009 and it has been interesting to go back in time and see how both my blog and I have developed. 

I took these pictures Tuesday, after I had been to town where it was very smoky. As I drove down our road, I noticed for the first time all the Russian thistles lining the road. 

I hadn't noticed them before, so to me it looked like they had just sprung up overnight. Then, today, as I drove home from the dump, I noticed that the canyon road was framed on both sides by these bushes. And all of them will turn into giant tumble weeds later in the year.

Like this one that attcked me from behind and really scared me back in 2013.

The ones in our road will blow down to my gate, where they will stop. Looks like I will have my work cut out for me, trying to get out of here.

You can see the haze in this picture too. It's impossible to imagine what it must be like in northern California. My lungs got messed up from fires here in 2012. The Jaw Bone Canyon fire lasted a long time, but it was nothing like what's going on up north now. Firefighters will be my heroes forever. 

Yesterday, I had Mary over for a smorgasbord lunch. Followed by ice cream, which Mary loves. It was nice to visit and catch up. It feels so good to have friends over now that my house is almost together. 

Then I went to bed early because I have AC in the bedroom and the house was hot. I heard Faith barking, but Samson was quiet, which is unusual. Then he came in and sort of beckoned me to go outside. Faith was by the fence with her head down, barking. I knew it was a snake and hoped it would be either small or not a rattler. Well, it was the biggest rattlesnake I've ever seen. 

It was similar to this one, also from 2013, but longer and thicker and younger too, as it didn't have as many rattlers. 

Long story that ended with the snake going under the rocks that surround this bathtub that people who lived here before used as a flower pot. Snakes that need a place to rest, undisturbed, always crawl in there. So it's either still there or gone and I will probably never know. 

I wish I could get rid of that contraption, but with big rocks and a bathtub full of dirt, it would be a big and - tractor required - job. 

Good thing the snake is large and easily seen. And we are being careful. The dogrun has  quarter-inch wire about half-way up and is secure that way, but snakes climb in anyway. As a rule, rattlesnakes don't. 

I'm happy that Samson, who cannot be vaccinated with the snake vaccine because of his illnesses, didn't want to challenge the snake or take it on in any way. He went to get his mommy which was such a smart thing to do. 

Good Boy Samson!


  1. I am glad to read, Inger, that you are not in an area with those devastating fires. What is happening in California is beyond horrible.

    I get upset when I see a small garden snake and I am sure I would flip out seeing a snake the size that you have.

  2. I am sorry to hear that Samson has an illness; what is it? You really ARE out in the country! It is beautiful. You look surrounded by mountains, like we are. Do any snakes ever get in the house? They really scare me! I did not know that tumbleweeds come from thistles! We have lots of thistles. So what makes them turn into tumbleweeds in some places and not in others?

  3. Good Boy, Samson, don't mess with those nasty guys!

  4. I am so sorry about Samson. It cannot be easy for you, dealing with so many different issues. He is not really old, which is in his favor, and he is really blessed to have YOU.

    1. Thank you. We have a wonderful vet and that helps. It does get expensive though. Right now, he is doing really well.

  5. Snakes and rodents of all kinds, my definite No No's !!! Wise doggies, and the smoke, I'm sure you can smell as well as see it that far away. I am so thankful some of our own fire-fighters are now in Ca to help the so many others. Tumbleweeds? Wonder how many plants are in one huge bundled up ball.

    1. I'm grateful too for the firefighters from overseas. I saw one captain from NZ interviewed on TV. It's incredible what they do.

  6. give sir Samson the snake warning pup an extra kiss from me. so glad they warned you about that scary big snake. I am glad you are able to treat Samson and keep him safe. had not thought about no snake shots. glad he came to you. glad you had your friend over....

  7. Oh my that snake looks big and scary. Not usually afraid of snakes but would be of that one.
    Amazing how those wild daisies grow like that at the dump.
    The wall color in your bedroom looks like the same color we picked out for ours.

  8. Hi Inger - well I'm glad I didn't have to meet Ms Rattlesnake ... they'd terrify me, also good to know you didn't find Samson having a discussion with it. How interesting to look back and see similar photos and thoughts at this time of year, when you started out blogging. That's great that you're sorting things out - the house looks tidy and smart ... and so glad you have A/C ... so can sleep soundly ... that tumble weed must be a real challenge - take care and lovely to see a post up ... cheers Hilary

  9. Awe, good boy Samson!! Gracie says she is so proud of her sweetheart! Oh snakes! You are brave.. very brave.

  10. So glad you are not close to the fires but seeing the smoke is close enough. I can't imagine what they are dealing with. So glad your dogs didn't challenge the rattler. I had a dog bitten while in Florida and it was a long recovery. Stay safe.

  11. So the snake decided to play hide & seek; you're smart to let it win!!

  12. Lovely bedroom and a cute Samson!
    Beware of snakes and attacking shrubs!
    Because of climate change, firefighters are the new heroes. Let's wish them lack of work.

  13. Inger, it is good to hear from you and glad to know that you are not in the wildfire area, directly. Also good to see that Samson, and Faith, were not hurt. Be careful!

  14. you definitely have the pioneer spirit! that's a high compliment here.
    the older I get the less I have of it. ashamed to admit but true.
    and snakes and tarantulas are where I draw the line. cute little rodents are okay.
    but if I thought rattlers that large were near me I'd have to pick up stakes and move! LOL!
    all kidding aside... I so admire you! bless You and Samson and Faith!
    and YES! fire fighters are wonderful. truly the new heroes of our modern times.

  15. So nice to see you. Watch out for that snake.


  16. Such beautiful peaceful scenes! But...the snake made me scream a little inside. :) You know, hogs will eat them. Of course, then you'd have a hog problem.

    I heard a story once of an island in one of the Great Lakes near Michigan. It was full of rattlesnakes and a nearby town was trying to find a way to get rid of them. A local farmer brought his hogs over to "graze" and within a short time, no more rattlers. Sad for the snakes...I mean, it was their island, but...well...yikes.

  17. We were just talking about rattlesnakes tonight, so this is kinda creepy. My son-in-law said the urine of a predator is a deterrent. I wonder if that is so. Sweet Samson.

  18. Wow! What a big snake! I am glad that Samson, was very smart to went to get his mommy!!

    I'm glad to know that you are not near on the wildfire area! Just terrible the fires I saw in tv. I agree with you, firefighters are my heroes forever too!

    Your bedroom is very beautiful!
    Love the photo of adorable Samson! Sending kisses to him and to Faith too!
    Lots of Love to you!!!


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