Friday, August 17, 2018

Rust ~ Post No. 19 ~ With Ravens, A Hawk, And Dogs

This old truck was at one point in time used to transport beer. I believe it says so on the side of it. It has been many years now since we used to hike to it with our dogs. The truck still sits out there, I can see it from the road. A very large piece of trash, far from everything, but trash nevertheless.

From our house, we first hiked up on our east-facing hill, then walked on an old road up there until we came to the end of the hills, where we had to climb down to the field below and then walk to the truck.  

It was a horrible mess around it, broken glass and metal, so dogs had to be leashed. The hike itself was lovely, we saw horned toads, all kinds of lizards, and one time we saw a raven chasing a red tailed hawk. 

The raven was noisy, the chase went on for a while. I took blind shots with my camera with no idea if they would come out OK.

The encounter ended when the raven's calls for help were answered by another raven, approching at a great speed. Outnumbered, the hawk gave up and nosedived out of sight. 

At the end of our hikes, Soldier and Samson would compare tongues to see who had the longest. 

This post became more about good memories than rust. And I have come up with another new phrase. In addition to rust spotting, I now have sad smiling. I'm sure you know what I mean. 


  1. I do know what you mean about sad smiling and I am sad smiling at your tongues out image today.. precious memories although sad ones... you know I love trash and rust. beautiful.. Jake had an episode at 1:30 am today, fell off his bed chair and could not get up. bob picked him up and put him back after I woke him up and used sign language to show him Jake was on the floor. Jake and bob went instantly back to sleep while I laid there and ran scenarios through my head, all of them bad. we got up at regular time and Jake was able to get down and go out and walk and poop, but had to be put back in the chair. when we left for YMCA bob put him on the sofa. now a few hours later he is getting up and down on the sofa.... scared me to death. we wait.

  2. Hi Inger - what a lovely post ... and yes certainly sad smiling posts will let us know. Amazing shots with the birds in the air - loved those ... and those two tongues ... I wonder - I guess Faith's is longer ... still - lovely to see your rusting beer van and the scenery - take care and cheers Hilary

  3. Thanks for telling us about the beer, because I couldn't read it on the side of the truck. It is almost like woods art, except for the mess laying around it. You got really good pictures of the hawk and raven! I like rust spotting myself, but never see any when I am looking for it! Soldier and Samson look tired but happy.

  4. I love the pictures. Especially the old truck. Yes, I do a lot of sad smiling so I know what you mean. Those dogs look tired!

  5. I understand...good memories that make you feel sad or melancholy. You live in such a unique part of the country with so much to see when you get out on a hike. I'm sure you're like us...have to hike with a water bottle or two! Thanks so much for that sweet comment on my recent post. It's one of the sweetest ones I've ever received! Wish I could give you a real hug for those kind words! I'm so glad we've been friends for so many years! Hugs, Diane

    1. I'm so glad my comment made you happy. Hugs back to you.

  6. Thanks for your comments. Just a note to let you know that my computer is broken. Typical, just when I am really getting into blogging again. Will call for help Monday if not OK by then.

  7. I got a sad smile when I saw Soldier in the picture. You never forget them do you?
    Hope you can get the computer fixed pronto. Hate when that happens.

  8. You wrote this post so beautifully, Inger. Yes, I know what sad smiling is also. Good memories do that.

  9. Sad Smiling. That's a good way to put it.

  10. Sorry to hear about your computer. That spot looks (and sounds) quite remote, which makes me wonder how the old beer truck got out there to begin with?? Anyway, it photographs well... a nice, rusty relic!!

  11. yes. I'm glad to finally have a name for it.
    sad smiling for sure.
    the stories that truck could tell. or IS still telling. amazing.

  12. Love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful area. We've lived in Murrieta Ca. 42 years and have so many 'sad smiles' remembering the old times. There were no tract homes here then.....pop. was 1,400. Smallest property was an acre. Deer, fox, bobcat, coyote, turkey vultures were all common sites back then. Now we are surrounded by homes and, if we're lucky, we still spot opossum, raccoons, and Hawks. You triggered good memories. Patty Mc


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