Thursday, August 30, 2018

Notes From The Canyon

When our Volunteer Council bought some Neighborhood Watch signs, Joyce and I got one to put up at the beginning of our road. I found out that Joyce is really good with a drill, so all I had to do was hold the sign. The post was old and uneven, but we got the job done. When I turned into our road the other day, it looked so good I decided to take a picture. I guess I was too far away, but I think the mountains look good so there it is.

I've never had a dog before that didn't like to go in the car, but Faith truly hates it. It's impossible to get her in the back of the Jeep, where Samson goes, so she's in the seat next to me, which is not a good place for a dog. There she sits, still as a board, fixes her eyes on one spot and just wishes for the ordeal to be over. When she was little, I would lift her, now that she's heavier, I can't. 

She needed her Parvo, etc. shot so we had to go. Fortunately appointments are not needed for shots. I've been training her, some days good, others not. This morning I decided I was well rested and we should go. I had bought special treats, but she couldn't care less for those. So I had to go back in the house and get two brand new balls, one pink, one yellow. True retriever that she is, those she couldn't resist. In she went.

Since I had to sit in my seat for her to even consider getting in, I tied a leash to the door handle on her side, so I could pull it shut it quickly before she turned around and got out. I pulled the leash and it worked great. We went, she got her shot, and we were back home by ten. Phew!

These rocks are across the street from my mailbox. There are so many fabulous rocks in those hills. Maybe something for my new camera to work on. I took these with my phone.

Last week, I took a "fun" day off, went to town and visited Glenn in his family's new house. Then I checked out our new library and went to the thrift store and donated some things. After that, I wanted to go to our Visitor Center to pick up a few things to mail to my Danish friend, Annette.

However, the place was closed, only open Thursday - Sunday, which makes sense. But I met a lovely couple there. They were in town to look at houses and I directed them to our largest real estate office. And told them that our German bakery, located across the street from where we stood and talked, had some fabulous baked goods and good lunches. Very nice people, so not a wasted trip. 

Then I went across the street and bought an eclair, two lemon tarts, and some good German bread. (Because of my diabetes, it takes me three days to finish an eclair. I have to cut it up. And the tarts are in my freezer, saved for another day or two or three.)

Samson Says: Have a great rest of the week, everyone!


  1. life is always an adventure when we have pets... made me laugh about the ball to get her in the jeep... glad you found a way.. I could not lift her in either. Jake has always gotten in but now he can't. bob has to pick him up and put him in.. Faith and Samson both look beautiful today as is your gorgeous desert views with distant mountains. I love the rocks

  2. How nice to get the neighborhood watch sign. I love the views you have...those rocks are awesome! I can't quit looking at your banner too. Wish we had a good bakery close by. I don't eat a lot of bread but I love good homemade bread!

  3. It is so hard to get a dog to do what it doesn’t want to do, especially when they have fear. I am glad to read that you were the victor.

    The pictures of the desert are wonderful!

  4. The mountains do look very nice indeed. Have a happy weekend. I know it is only Thursday but time flies.
    Happy week and weekend to you too Samson and please give the same message to Faith too.

  5. Faith, I hate going to the doctor, too! Samson looks as fluffily beautiful as ever. Your words made me feel as I were traveling and talking with others right with you. It was wonderful to see you at my cyber-home today!

  6. Your picture of the sign in front of the mountains is so beautiful!! It is almost like the sign is announcing "Look at these mountains!" I am very impressed with how you handled the trip to the vet. You have a lot of clever ingenuity! I never would have thought about the rope! A dog we had long ago just hated the car, and would jump all around and bark through the whole trip. After we returned home, the windows would be completely clouded with dog slobber!! The rocks are so unusual!

  7. Mighty Dog use to hate to ride also. His memory trips were either to the vet or when he was dumped out when I found him. It took many leisurely, no destination, trips to make him realize that all car trips didn't end badly and were one on one time with me. Callie on the other hand could care less and hops right in. She always hopes for the best.

  8. Hi Inger - oh dear poor Faith ... and most definitely not easy for you .. clever to sort the mechanics out - and glad you got her there. Samson is just King of all things ... he's a delight. Well done re the sign ... and good to know Joyce is helpful and around. Sounds like a relaxing time in town ... seeing Glenn's new home and generally being out and about ... cheers Hilary

  9. I love your photos. Franklin hops right in the car and then gets in the driver's seat. People in my neighborhood will be surprised one day when they see that Franklin has learned how to drive and is now my chauffeur. (He gets in the backseat when told to do so.)


  10. I dog I used to have loved riding in the car until he figured out that most trips were to the vet!!

  11. Sounds like a nice day out.
    Beautiful scenery.

  12. You have some really pretty rock formations in your area. I don't think I've ever had a dog that didn't like a car ride, either!!

  13. I lose track of your blog from time to time. Glad to see you are still blogging. I love all the scenic photos.

  14. isn't diabetes fun? I thought I was the only one that could make a cookie last three days! LOLOL!
    I'm extremely allergic to artificial sweeteners so it's an alert journey on all fronts.
    but that singular small bite can be heaven. :)
    loved going on your town errands with you. poor little Faith. she might have some terrifying memories of cars.
    my Zeke was found wandering around a big city mall parking lot. he had been abused and finally got away I guess.
    but he hated riding in cars. he would just stiffen and endure it.
    your pictures are WONDERFUL! every single one of them. thank you!

  15. We have to use a seat belt strap thing for Jill or she would be all over. I love your big rocks. I know that I probably asked you before about fossil hunting in your area, but I've forgotten what you said. It looks like a good place to check out. You live in such a pretty area.
    Faith and Samson are looking good!

  16. Guinness used to hate going in the car- he would get car sick. I had to do the 'throw the toy in' trick too. When I started taking him to the lake to swim he figured out the car was great. Which is good because at 80 pounds he's no easy lift!

  17. Hi, : I am sending this link to you because this latest post by this young blogger is about dogs. I thought that you might enjoy .

  18. Looking good Samson!! says Gracie! And of course Faith is as sweet as ever. Lovely pictures even with your phone. It’s amazing- the good quality of phone pictures these days. It’s probably best that we are not neighbors... otherwise I would be pursued if you to share that eclair with me!! Haha. Enjoy each and every bite!

  19. • persuading - not pursued (stupid spell check on my iPhone haha)

  20. Hi, Inger!
    I've been away for a while, but I'm glad to see you're doing well.
    As always, I enjoyed your photos. Your scenery is so different from mine, but beautiful nonetheless!
    None of my dogs enjoy car rides and they always end up the same way - with me cleaning up dog puke... So yours are still doing better!


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