Monday, September 28, 2020

The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 10 ~ Soldier


Errol was still working in LA after I moved up here with the dogs in 2006. One day in 2007, a realtor friend of his asked him to check some electric problem for a woman who was moving to Florida and was selling her house. Errol noticed a dog tied to a dog house in the yard, so after he checked the woman's electric, he asked what she was going to do with the dog. She told him the dog would go to the pound. Errol said, wait, maybe I can take him and started to walk toward the dog. 

The woman yelled, "don't go up to him, he hates men, he will bite you!" Errol shook his head (I imagine that's what he did) and proceeded toward the dog. Of course the dog fell in love at first sight. The woman told Errol the dog's name was Soldier, and said good bye to her dog. 

Later he came up here to stay with me, Angel and Princess. He was a lovely dog. I could tell he had a troubled past, but was still pretty well adjusted, except for his intense dislike of men. He got along well with the lady dogs, particularly Angel. He would go to sleep on top of her, so crazy about her. 

I couldn't find those pictures, they are somewhere on this blog, I'm sure. But here he is on his bed. And, as you can see, Soldier could sleep.

Samson started to come up here with Errol to visit in the fall of 2009. As long as he was a baby, there were no problems.

But as Samson grew up and the macho hormones began to affect his behavior, he beat up Soldier really badly. You can see how much Soldier is hurting in this picture. Samson calmed down as soon as we had him neutered, but Soldier was injured so badly we thought we had to put him down. We took him to our vet, who had never met him before. We told him Soldier was male aggressive, so he agreed to meet us outside. It was snowing, we walked Soldier around, the vet tried to touch him, no luck with that. So he prescribed pain medicine and suggested we get a harness for support and to help Soldier get up.

I must have mentioned this on my blog, because Terry, a blogger friend in Colorado, had just lost her old dog and had a harness that she offered to send to Soldier. I love how kind and supportive our blogger friends are. As it turned out, the harness was the perfect solution and it helped Soldier get well.

Whenever one of my girlfriends came to visit and sat down on my couch, before you knew it, there was Soldier in her lap. He just loved women, his world would have been perfect if all the men just went away. He never did anything, didn't even growl, but you could feel his distrust.  

We went on many hikes with our dogs, back then. After Bandit was lost and later found in the hills, we kept Soldier on a leash, but he was an escape artist and would be so funny. He would twist out of his collar and run away down the path that goes at the top of our land. He would run away at a great speed and be gone maybe five minutes, then he'd come back, tired, tongue out, panting. He did this so often, we stopped worrying about him. 

It was obvious that Soldier knew he'd found a good home and wasn't going anywhere, just having a fun run and a bit of an adventure.

It didn't take me long to fall in love with this dog, he became my boy and he loved me so. He was seven when he came to us, and thirteen when he died, one evening in 2013. I was heartbroken, he was my boy, I felt he needed me so much and I responded to that. 

I loved him so, he will forever be my boy. I think about him often and I've had a bit of a difficult time writing about him here.



  1. Your dogs, Inger, were so fortunate to have such a loving owner.

  2. Hi Inger - 'your boy' I can relate to that ... mine is/was 'my baby' ... we love our animals. I remember Soldier's story ... but hadn't realised it was that handsome Samoyed who had caused Soldier's problem. As you say bloggers are just extraordinary aren't they ... while that photo of Soldier sleeping with his tongue almost out of his head ... wonderful photo.

    The dogs have been wonderful companions to you both, and now to you ... lovely post - thank you - Hilary

  3. Most of this is new to me but I have seen Soldier several times and every time I see him it makes my heart hurt because he is almost an exact replica of our Max that we had for 16 years. He was blessed to have you for those few years that you were blessed to have him

  4. I feel your love in your post and the pain of not having him still.

  5. Interesting how Errol was the only male he liked. Shows dogs can read our hearts. That was so sad about Samson hurting him so. Samson seems so sweet today. That harness was a blessing as was the blogger who sent it to you.
    We never forget them do we?

  6. I love these stories so much. They are like reading a good non-fiction book. I think you should write them in a book, with a chapter for each dog. You could sell it on Amazon, I have a blog friend who is selling two of her books there.

  7. Soldier was a beautiful dog! I'm sure you still miss him, as you probably do all of your previous dogs!

  8. what an interesting story about Soldier. i enjoyed reading it and how your blogger friend gave you a harness which helped him get up.

  9. I love these posts about your sweet dogs. Soldier was an angel.


  10. That's interesting about a dog, as it is about a human being - 'male hater', 'women lover', or vice versa.
    Reading your story, I got saddened by Samson's hurting Soldier, and happy about the helpful harness sent by a blogger friend.

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  12. oh Inger. I'm sure this was hard to write! it was hard to read.
    he must have been hurt badly by some man or other to have that much distrust of them.
    puppy memories are more indelible than we think.
    and I hated to hear of Samson's attack of him. after he had finally found a loving home.
    but it turned out ok. the thing is... Errol SAVED him! and so did you. by your wonderful love and giving him the home he deserved. bless you dear heart! xoxo

  13. You saved him, and the love between you grew. I love reading of love like yours with Soldier. And, how Errol charmed him. So much of the story made me smile.

  14. What a beautiful story about Soldier and his life with you, and wondering how he got his dislike of men. How awful when he got attacked so badly and yet, you helped him heal, thank goodness.


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