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The Dogs Of My Life ~ Post No. 7 ~ Bandit

And then there was Bandit. After I named him, I would have moments of regret as he lived up to his name, but then he would charm me all over again. 

Of all our dogs, Bandit was the one providing constant entertainment, always up to something, a dog so full of life, such a character, so smart, so much fun, just a wonderful, wonderful dog. 

Errol found him in a Home Depot type box store in the mid-1990s.  When Errol asked about the dog, the store clerks told him they thought he had been dumped there. They would put him outside and the dog would return as soon as he could and keep running around the store looking for someone. 

Errol was tempted, but left the store. After he had loaded up the van and was about to drive away, he noticed the dog resting in the shade under a huge tractor trailer truck.  So, of course, he had to rescue him and bring him home. 

Bandit was just a puppy. I took one look at his face with a black mask perfectly placed around his eyes and ears and I named him Bandit. For his long life with us, he would  live up to his name, particularly after Angel, his partner in crime, arrived a few years later. 

The first thing he did after he arrived was to save us from a fire. We lived in the house I bought in Pasadena at the time. An old wooden house. Our neighbors were away, burglars came and, as they left, set our neighbors' house on fire. Only a driveway separated our house from theirs. We were asleep, when Bandit jumped on the bed, onto Errol's chest and woke him up. 

So now he was our Hero, but still a Bandit at heart. 

He was a hound dog through and through, not a pure bred one, but his nose was to the ground, always. 

Bandit loved to eat and would do any trick I taught him to get a snack. That dog knew more tricks. What a fun dog he was. 

While still young, he got in trouble with a raccoon, but saw the danger and escaped without serious injuries. 

Bandit was still with us when we moved here. He ran loose and with us as we walked our dogs in the hills. We clearly should not have let him as he was getting deaf in his old age. 

One winter's day, as we were hiking with him and our two  other dogs, he disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was nowhere in sight. He was gone and would not have survived a cold winter's night. Our black lab/border collie rescued him and I will leave that story for her post. She was the true hero that day.

Bandit watches as bats fly by.

I loved this dog so much I wrote a silly book of badly executed poems about him. Only thing they had going for them was that they rhymed and absolutely told his story. Perfectly! 

Here area few examples:

My name is Bandit and I am a hound 
born to chase prey into the ground
My sister Angel is such a nerd
Bred to chase sheep back to the herd

My name is Bandit
And I am a hound
I sniff and I sniff all over the ground
Each smell has a story to tell
The best ones I find on a post or a tree
And that's where I like to lift my knee

This goes on for page after page and as I read it now, it's all about my love for this amazing dog. 

As he aged, he got Cushing's disease and in the end his liver gave out. 

The day Bandit died was one of the saddest of our lives. I worked at the donkey rescue at the time and one of the staff there euthanized him here in our yard. Errol held him while I went behind the shed and cried my eyes out. 

He was around fourteen years old, so he lived a long and good life with us. 

I still miss this amazing dog and his sister Angel. What a wonderful pair they were. I will tell her story next month.

My name is Bandit and I heard that my dad
Found a new dog, a black female Lab
Should I be glad or should I be sad
On the one hand she adds to my pack
On the other she may steal my snack
But one thing I know to be true
And because of this I can't be blue
Daddy he loves me as much as before
And I am his doggie for ever more.

Sorry about that, I just had to add one more. I can't help it, I just loved this dog so very much.


  1. Hi Inger - well your love for Bandit and your life with Errol shine with happiness through here ... and how wonderful that he saved you from the fire. Love the poetry - you should perhaps get it put into a children's book with some illustrations ... could be loads of fun for dog loving families - perhaps someone in town can help you at some stage. Take care - and stay safe ... and looking forward to Angel's story - all the best - Hilary

  2. The memories you have of your dogs and their antics would make sweet childrens books. You have a way with words my friend! Hugs!

  3. You made me fall in love with Bandit. What a charmer and a hero yet. Loved your poems and also thought they would be great in a children's book with illustrations. You could do them for all your dogs. I know I'd read it.

  4. You are so right about the poems telling the story. And I know reading through them jogs all these wonderful memories and makes you feel sad and happy at the same time. He looks like a deer dog to me and I would have loved him and his sister also in fact I would have loved all your dogs because in fact I love all animals

  5. That love and your memories are always with you, he looked so loveable, no wonder Errol brought him home.

  6. What a sweet dog with a beautiful face! I cried too when I read about him being euthanized.
    Your poems are cute! What a good life you gave Bandit!

  7. A very sweet post about Bandit and your love for him. I enjoy reading your poems.I'm glad that you have such sweet memories of Bandit. Bandit was a lucky dog to have Errol adopt him instead of just leaving him there by himself. Parting with a beloved pet is just so difficult. I'm glad he brought you so much joy.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Such tender words about this precious Bandit! I am kinda weepy just now.

  9. What a sweet tribute to Bandit! I love a good hound dog. Do you think he might have been part bulldog? I ask because his face reminds me of Penelope's. It's amazing that he saved you from a fire.


  10. What a story! His owner must have ditched him at the big box store, and he was always looking to find him, so sad. Then you both came to the rescue, so what a happy ending! I can't wait to read about the rescue!!

  11. Such a great story! Glad that he was rescued and found a good home!

  12. Sounds like Bandit was one fortunate dog to have come to you. I love seeing the photos, reading about him and your poetry , so cute. I can see why you wrote poetry for him. I read somewhere that when we pass our loved animals will be there to greet us. Of course i don't know if it's true but it would be nice if it was. We got our most loved dog who is no longer with us, when the boys were young and I was picking them up from school. We had a van that the door slides open and the kids got in and so did this stray dog. She didn't have tags and we weren't going to keep her but ....... we did and we had her for 12 years or so before she got sick. I enjoyed this post so much.

  13. Love this post. All of our dogs have captured our heart. Presently we have 2 labs and of course they're very sweet. One is a barker and we have to accept she will not be changed. (Luckily we don't have a neighbor within ear shot.) Our other one has chewed several throw rugs and the cushion off one of our chairs. He is 1 1/2 and has now outgrow this bad habit. They are best buddies and provide us with unlimited entertainment. Patty McDonald

  14. never be sorry for adding such wonderful LOVE here! your words are even better than the pictures. Bandit was special! and yet they ALL are aren't they. there are no words to express how much I love dogs. to my shame maybe... even more than people! thank you for letting us meet Bandit. xoxo


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