Thursday, May 28, 2020

Taking A Break

I want my blog to be a happy place about life in the country, cows visiting, wild critters coming by, young ones coming out into the world from coyote pups to twenty some California quail babies crossing my road. Happy walks with happy dogs and, in general, for me -- being at peace with the world.

Then this thing happens again, a black man murdered in plain sight by police, in Minneapolis this time. Then something else happens in Central Park. And here on our California beaches -- I see a teenager on TV telling me, and the rest of the vulnerable population, to stay home if we have a problem with him not wearing a mask. 

Then the riots, just as bad, burning down innocent people's businesses. I witnessed this first-hand in Los Angeles, it leads to no good whatsoever. But people are angry and people feel powerless.

So I will see you in a couple of weeks. After all, I have the most fun dog ever to write about for the month of June. And I have a big birthday to celebrate. 

 "A change is gonna come," sang Sam Cooke so many years ago.

And almost 60 years later, still waiting.......


  1. A break - that'll do you good. It's hard to absorb all these bad happenings: murder, riots, youth insolence. Take your time, calm your spirit, and then, come back.
    We'll be waiting for you and your blog.

  2. The world is full of crazy people who makes life miserable for the rest of us. I hope a little break will do you good.
    Take care and be well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. These last couple incidents that happened are so awful!! And this virus should bond us all, not divide us. My faith in people has really been tested.

  4. Just remember that the sensational is what makes the news. Meanwhile, most of us good people go about our business joyfully, help others because it is the right thing to do, and try to live the best life by caring, loving, and having empathy for all. We are the majority.

  5. Those happenings are way too hard to accept, and the police should not only be fired, but put away for life, all four of them . I guess the others standing near and seeing it all were too scared to go together and intervene. Sometimes a break from all this is a good way to reset our minds and souls. Take care Inger, remember that birthday is coming up, so is mine in July. We can celebrate online together.

  6. Hi Inger - I can feel your pain with the horror that's going on - be peaceful and just enjoy switching off and spending time with the dogs and your canyon. Looking forward to welcoming you back ... take care and all the very best - Hilary

  7. If a break is what you need, just do it. Enjoy your birthday. And we'll be here when you get back.

  8. It's a difficult time for all of us. I find comfort reading my favorite blogs but taking a break helps too! Take care of yourself and have fun with your dogs! Hugs!

  9. We will be here when you come back. I am miserable in our new world, but blogging is my lifeline, so even when i stop a couple of days i come right back. maybe after a few days off you will change your mind

  10. brava darling Inger. we all need a break from the things you mentioned.
    I often just 'unplug.' I have to for my mental health. I call it getting my balance back.
    but I'm glad you told us about it or I would worry. love you dear bean! xo

  11. Sadly instead of fighting together against an unjust cause--disease and violence--we end up fighting eachother. It makes the heart heavy. Take what ever time you need but do come back. Most of us on the printed page are fairly sane.

  12. The world is sure a crazy place.
    I rarely look at the news and just find peace here at Happy Trails and knowing that God is still in control. And when this old world falls apart He will take us home.

  13. Love those feathers - I hear you - it's a crazy world. The most I can do is contribute to the positive loving side that totally is still there -'s sad - these events ...

    I have to hold on to the fact that at some point the world is going to pivot where Goodness prevails and our future generations will have a beautiful planet to live on. I've always believed that for the Phoenix to rise out of the ashes - that means we have to not be in denial of the bad going on because out of that... Beauty is Rising. I love that Change is Coming for you ... and a big birthday....and when you post you just put out more and more of the beauty that we all appreciate. I LOVE what you want yoiur blog to be about - and it already is ...Ohh h i hope you share your Peace with the world. We are all so connected that each act we feel on a vibrational level whether what appears good or bad. I, hopefully, can emphasize the beauty whether it's a bug, a leaf in autumn ...or a front porch on a house. Enjoy your peace and i hope you get photos of baby quails. I saw some when I first moved in where I am now, the first month a mom and her babies crossed the yard. I was so excited.

  14. Hello my dear friend!
    So beautiful those feathers.

    Yes, it is a difficult time for all of us.
    I am very sad and alone on my house. Because of Covid19.
    I have not seen my daughter and son. Both are on their house.
    We only see and talk by Whatsapp.
    I am very scary!
    And I miss my husband more and more. But I could not to do nothing.

    I hope all is well with you and your lovely Samson and Faith.
    Stay well and stay safe, my dear friend.

    Lots of hugs,

  15. Take a break if you need too. The world has certainly gone crazy in 2020. I feel as though if we had a reset button, we would use it. I hate that we are in such a divided state both on masks, race, and religion. We could all get along, if each person would remember that we are all the Child Of God!

  16. I hope that your break is refreshing. These are hard times. I don't understand so much of the craziness. I hope that peace prevails. Sending you love.

  17. Just came back to say I hope all is well with you. You said 'a change is going to come' as i reread what you wrote and I want to say thank you. It confirmed to me once again that to see something different is to be the change we want. So thank you. I'll be busy and going about my day being the Change - Seeing that the fear out there in the world is the birthing pains of bringing Fear to the Light and the Light always "illuminates" the darkness . I remember a saying that has always stuck with me. You do not bring God-Truth-Peace-Love down to the fear but you bring the FEAR up to the Truth. The truth of which we were all created equal and Fear cannot withstand the Light - so it throws a temper tantrum which is what is happening in this world right now but Light is the Truth. You were instrumental in this realization so thank you! A Change is going to come.

  18. Oh, these are desparately needed changes.

    And you will be missed. Enjoy time away, getting perspective.


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