Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Storm Clouds

The other evening, as I sat at my dining table and worked on my jigsaw puzzle, I noticed storm clouds gathering around the mountains to the east. 

Since we so seldom get rain here, it felt both unusual and so very good to sit at peace and watch the clouds.

After a while, I went outside and took a few more pictures. I know it rains most other places in this country and some of you get way too much of it. But I miss rain so much, we got a lot more of it the first ten years we lived here. These days, next to nothing. We're just coming toward the end of a very dry rainy season. 

Faith came with me and she too watched. 

But soon her pretty eyes were fixed on me again. I don't know what to do with this dog, she just loves me so much and is so attached to me. As I am to her. I tell her she's my support dog and she looks appropriately concerned and caring. Or turns over and goes to sleep. As dogs are wont to do. 

She probably would be quite annoyed if she knew I'm working on a kitty jigsaw puzzle.

This is the second puzzle I'm trying. The first one took me a while, but was for 9 years old and up so I felt a lot of pressure to finish it. This is another one of only 300 pieces, so I guess I will be able to get it done. 

Monday was the day after I watched the clouds roll in. Not much rain fell. Since I've lived here the last snow day was May 23rd. So we may get some more wet days. I certainly hope so. 


  1. Hi Inger - I feel for you with your rain ... but surprisingly today 28th is the first day we've had any rain here in the south east this month! Very little it is too ...

    I'm glad you felt able to just be with Faith and your Canyon ... Faith is wonderful, as too Samson ... it's the way it is with animals isn't it - they can become devoted to us - their loving custodians.

    Well done on doing more jigsaws ... we usually have one going at Christmas - when everyone is around ... my SIL's family idea - we did them, but not later in life.

    Well from a non-sunny Eastbourne ... I'll happily say happy thoughts a-coming over. With jugs - or would you prefer hugs! - xooxoxo Cheers Hilary

  2. It's kind of frustrating when clouds don't bring the much expected rain. I know the situation well.
    Faith's behavior towards you is very moving! As they say - a dog is man's best and loyal friend.

  3. Hello,

    It is disappointing the clouds do not bring you the much needed rain. We have been kind of dry here, our plants could use some rain. Faith is so sweet, a beautiful companion. Take care, have a happy day!

  4. I feel bad that you didn't get much rain. I hope it's not another dry summer for you and your neighbours. Faith's eyes says it all. I love you Mommy, I'll protect you, don't worry.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  5. We only work 300 & 500 piece puzzles. I don't know how people do the 1,000 pieces, but those are the ones tht are the most plentiful in the stores. This one is so cute! Just don't let Faith see it! I hope you get lots of good rain, but no lightening!

  6. I do hope you get lots of rain. I know drought and fire season worry you. Love that puzzle--really cute. Faith takes her job seriously.

  7. that pressure you describe is why I don't do puzzles, they make me feel pressured and dumb. kisses sweet Faith, wish I could hug you.. hope you got a little rain

  8. I also hope you get rain soon! That is a cute puzzle!

  9. I like your puzzle - cute. Hope you get some more rain soon. We get quite a bit of it - if I could I'd send you some. :)

  10. We are in a severe drought here in New Mexico. But today and yesterday there were clouds, and today there were even a few sprinkles. I pray for rain for the desert. Faith loves you. Her eyes are saying, "I love you, mommy!"

  11. It's lovely to find your blog again, Inger. I have no idea why you disappeared for so long. I thought you'd stopped blogging. Good grief...WordPress doesn't always play well with others, I'm afraid. SO nice to see you, however!

  12. like you... we never get enough. but we had a lovely day of rain off and on yesterday.
    then all of a sudden the winds blew 70 mph and we were hit with BASEBALL sized hail!
    it sounded like a machine gun! my bedroom window crashed through glass etc.
    then as suddenly as it came... it's over. cars and roofs and windows all over our city.
    ruined. they said it lasted 29 minutes. I worry about all the livestock and wildlife!
    baseballs of ice. not a good thing. especially if they had little ones. too sad to think about.
    Faith's little adorable face this morning is just what I wanted to see! thank goodness you have her. AND Samson. xo

  13. I enjoyed seeing your photographs but sorry you did not get enough rain.

    All the best Jan

  14. You have a good place to work on a puzzle with natural light! I love looking out at a changing sky too! Hope your day is a good one! Hugs!

  15. Looks like a cozy area with the view outside to work on the puzzle. Good you got some rain - we did too which is nice - we had quite a bit of snow this winter but very little rain for the whole season. Faith is cute . i have enjoyed puzzles in the past but with a cat i can't lay one out on the table and work on it.

  16. I too hope you get some much needed rainfall. Those are beautiful clouds & sweet, sweet, Faith!!

    We do puzzles when our yard work needs no attention. 😊

  17. Every climate model I have seen indicates that California is becoming more arid each year and that trend shows no sign of ending.


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