Wednesday, December 1, 2021


After our morning walk, Samson and I may end up checking on our juniper trees. There are two that I like to stop and check on, and, yes, talk to a little, as well. This is the large one that was so badly damaged in our last huge snowstorm, day after Christmas 2019. 

Mark, who is no tree surgeon, did a pretty good job cutting back all the damage and making it look like a giant bonsai tree 

Samson's taking a rest and I take his picture.

I think this picture tells the story of how old this tree must be. 

While it's true photos add on pounds, shadow pictures really pack them on. I, who don't want to lose weight, lost 10 lbs since I last weighed myself. I never weigh myself, so the last time may have been years ago. The reason I did it now was that the lab where I was to have my CT scan asked, so I thought I better give them a true number.

I swear, I was born with long legs. In elementary school, the much shorter than I little boys would tease me mercilessly, calling me, The Nail, Daddy Longlegs, and -- you get the picture. 

After the first four years at our neighborhood school, those who wanted to attend highschool could change schools. I couldn't wait and insisted I HAD to go to an all-girls school. I don't believe they exist any longer, but they did then, so I escaped my suburban tormentors and bullies for a lovely girls school in the city of  Stockholm. 


  1. Hi Inger - so pleased to see you're out talking to your Juniper trees - and yes they do look ancient. You and Samson are passing your days happily - also glad to read you escaped to a lovely girls school. I hope you've seen Sweden has a female Prime Minister - Magdalena Andersson - good news for us all, I hope.

    Take care and all the best as the festive season comes along - cheers Hilary

  2. the photo of Samson is just gorgeous. I saw the new PM in Sweden on Monica blog. that tree is beautiful to me, i do remember it before the storm. glad it has come back. if you are using your cell phone all the photos are perfect.. glad you were out with your favorite boy

  3. The lower part of that tree is facinating. So much going on. Love. Yep, you do appear to have loooong legs which most men adore. I've always envied the long of leg as I am such a stubbly little thing.

  4. The tree is so cute, and looks really good. I wonder how old it actually is? Looks pretty old.

  5. Wow that does look like an old tree.
    I got teased LOTS too when I was a kid. Kids can sure be cruel!

  6. I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs here.
    My good wishes for the month of December.

    All the best Jan

  7. But your shadow looks model slender now.

  8. I love your long legs. I've always wished for long legs but mine are so short that it's hard to find pants that fit.

    Junipers sure do live for a long time. I wonder how old that one is?


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