Saturday, June 4, 2022

Not Doing Well With Changing The Design Of My Blog

 Please bear with me as some changes to my blog got saved by mistake. 

This is not my forte! For sure! 

Right now, I'm tired and giggling. 

As soon as I've got these changes done, if I can get them done, I will be back to blogging. 

I miss my pretty blog, I don't know where it went!

This is about how I feel


maybe like this old stump!

But it will all work out...


  1. Hari OM
    Hiya Inger - nice to see you posting even if it is a little less decorative at the moment! I think this is just fine... YAM xx

  2. It'll be fine. Take your time! 😃

  3. Hang onto the stump, or walk with your shadow. It will all get sorted out sooner, OR later.

  4. I'm just so glad to see you back, it doesn't matter how!

  5. Hi Inger - such a pain - these blog-things are such a nuisance. As the others have said ... take your time, relax and it'll be good to see you back when you feel the blog suits you ... and yes it was pretty ... but it's you we enjoy seeing. With thoughts from a damp (can you believe it!) Eastbourne ... typical Jubilee weekend!! Cheers Hilary

  6. I like that stump, at first I thought it was a giant sized scull. I like your crazy shadow dance to.

  7. Sometimes, you change nothing and Blogger surprises you with issues. That's how it is.

  8. Love the shadow, I hope all works out for your blog. Take care, enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  9. I grew up with that old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it!"
    now are the days that technology insists on all kinds of updates and new things to constantly learn.
    hang in there! we will all be here with you in spite of them! xo

  10. I like both pictures, welcome back !

  11. I so admire you for the attempt. I wouldn't dare. You sure that is just a stump??:)

  12. Your blog is fine as it is. We love your stories and ventures and it doesn't matter how the blog page looks.
    You can still load pictures and write your post. Thank goodness for that.
    Happy Sunday to you, Inger.

  13. So frustrating! I hope you get a good fix soon!

  14. It can be frustrating! Good luck getting it the way you want it.
    I kind of enjoy making changes on mine. I just play around with it once in a while.

  15. I know how you're feeling! I'm always afraid to change anything on my blog because what if I don't like it??!! But you're a smart lady, you can do this and I'm cheering you on to figure it all out!! ❤

  16. Good to see you. Wish I could help. I'm always changing my blog stuff. Even if you don't change it back this will be fine..

  17. Hi Inger your blog looks fine although I know how stressful it can be when technology doesn't do what you want it to do ... I love your shadow picture :)


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