Friday, September 11, 2009

Do We Really Need All This?

I didn't realize it was September 11, until I posted this. So, I want to add a prayer in remembrance of those who lost their lives on that day, their families, the heroes of September 11 and all our troops that are still fighting wars as
a result of the September 11 attacks: May God Bless You and Keep You.
This is what I blogged about today:
The other day, UPS came and dropped off some packages full of stuff I had ordered. 
Not one to pass up a "Buy One -- Get TWO FREE" sale, I ordered vitamins and supplements for my husband, myself, and our dogs:
UPS also delivered my insulin pump supplies and test strips. I was completely out of test strips and only had an emergency supply, donated by a friend who doesn't use up all of hers. And because there had been a recall on the Quick Sets, I was running low on them as well. It's absolutely amazing how safe I feel when I have all the supplies I need to survive for the next three months. There is more to it than this, of course, insulin being the most important. And I have a good supply of that in my refridgerator. Phew! I'm so happy all this arrived. 
Angel suffers from Discoid Lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects her nose, which is sore and red. It is more common at altitude, where the exposure to ultraviolet light is increased. It is most frequently found in German shepherd dogs, collies, and a few other breeds.
We have a great vet now, but before we found him, she was bleeding all over the house, it was just awful and I was desperate. Steroids were suggested as the only treatment. I said, no way to steroids, and was fortunate to find this vet, who suggested a different course of action: 500 mg each, 3 x/day of Tetracycline and Niacinamide. Both of these can cause liver failure so she has her liver tested every six months. So far, so's been over a year now. Of course I also keep a close eye on her. Included with her meds are some homeopathic treatments for this condition that I order from Natural Canine... a great place for canine supplements. And it's wonderful to have a vet who doesn't mind you exploring alternatives.
Angel gets Bone Meal because she is a finicky eater and needs that if she doesn't eat kibble. The Green supplement helps to keep her strong and I think helps her digestion. I notice that she eats less grass when she gets this supplement. The Calendula cream is for her nose and the Glucosamine for her bones. All three dogs get flax seed oil added to their meals.
I guess this was more information than anyone would ever want to know.....

Angel's medicines and supplements above.


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