Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The First Day of Autumn

The first day of fall and 38 degrees outside at five this morning! Finally.... I have been waiting for this day for a while now. The summer has been brutally hot and very dry and I have been longing for fall. The days are still hot, but at night the temperature drops fast. I haven't picked the last crop of peppers yet, if you can call about 8 peppers a crop. I wanted to see how large they will grow since I still don't know what kind they are. The days are still very hot and the peppers are growing fast, so maybe I should leave them and cover them at night. The tomatoes are still green and not very large. I will definitely try a different kind next summer.

The landscape is turning yellow as the grey rabbitbrush plants are beginning to bloom. The native americans used grey rabbitbrush for chewing gum and tea, among other things. Hmm...I love tea...maybe I should explore how these things were done. But I doubt I will get that self-sufficient just yet. Let me work on those peppers first. Still, it's nice with flowers blooming in the fall, even if they are just weeds they cheer up the dun colored landscape around the ranch.

Then I told the dogs that we need to have a pedicure day soon and they all but disappeared! Actually, with both Princess and Soldier it's best to do one toe nail here and one there. Once they figure out what's up, they want nothing to with me or the clippers.

Let me out of here!


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