Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flies, Mice, and Storage Solutions

So, what's up with this, you may wonder...... Well, a while ago an email was forwarded to me that said: Put some pennies in the bottom of a zip lock bag, fill it half-full of water and hang it above or around your door opening or window and it will repel flies, wasps, and bees. Testimonials from all over the country followed. Scientific explanations mixed with folk lore abounded. Well, I thought I would try and see for myself. I half filled a larger bag and put more pennies than recommended in it since is is so windy here. And, I did not have a single fly in the house for about ten days. When they came back, I figured the water needed to be emptied and refilled. So I changed it and no more flies. If anyone wants to see the email, let me know and I'll forward it.
When I first moved here, a mouse chewed off a wire in my car engine to the tune of $175.00. I found out about Critter Out on the Internet. It really works and is inexpensive if you buy the concentrate and just mix it with water. I spray my engine every 10 days and I haven't had any little visitors since I started this, about three years ago.
Second line of mouse defense: Yes, I know this is not a cat, but he will catch them. Last time, he walked around with the mouse in his mouth, with its tail hanging out. It was really gross, particularly since he tried to get in the house with it.
This is my "Feed Shed." And yes, we do have some sheds, a barn, and even a huge storage container on our property. They all need to be cleaned out and it is something I need help with, so until it gets done, this is where I store the larger bags of dog food. It works great because I don't have to carry a 40 lb bag around and I don't have to lift it very high to get the kibble out of it.
Instead, I have developed a pretty neat system of getting the kibble from the bag to the container. I put the container on the rear bumper, push my knee up against it to hold it in place, lift the bag just a little, and then begin to pour. Works great for me!
And here they container per dog, all ready to go back in the house. Yes, our dogs usually don't eat the same food: Soldier eats regular store bought kibble; Princess does too, but then she gets fat and has to eat diet food; and Angel is so finicky..... she usually eats brown rice with veggies and can of dog food (yes, I do cook her chicken and she loves ground turkey), but I try to mix it up with any kind of good senior kibble that she will eat. Spoiled, anyone?


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