Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Importance of Proper Tools

One of our garden hoses finally gave up, after many years of service, and burst open in about 10 places at once. It was time to buy a new hose, but first I had to remove the old one that was pretty much stuck to the outside faucet. The last time my husband and I went to Home Depot, he bought a wrench for me. A tiny, tiny little wrench -- what were we thinking -- not a wrench fit for a woman who may have to deal, all by herself, with all kinds of emergencies, requiring proper tools. Fortunately, he forgot a bucket full of tools the last time he was up here and in there I found a larger wrench. See the difference....little wrench and big wrench:
Little wrench:
Big wrench:
The big wrench worked, so off I went to The Home Depot to buy a new garden hose.
I like the hoses we have now, but they didn't have them in stock. The sales clerk promised that these dark green hoses would be kink free, which is what I wanted. Then, of course, the hoses we have now were supposed to be kink free too and that proved to be not so. I even have a picture in this very blog, to prove that claim wrong. Anyway, I bought a 50 ft. one of these "kink free" dark green hoses.
Then I picked up a few more things while I was there.
On my way back to town, I had to stop at the railroad crossing. I love trains and feel so lucky to live in a town built around the railroad. I will definitely tell you more about the trains in some future blog.

This morning, I successfully installed the new hose, with the help of the big wrench. After that, I watered my container plants and hosed off the dog enclosure and my car. It gets ugly here fast without water, which gives one something to think and worry about. I have only seen about 15 minutes of rain since April and that's not good.

I don't want to end on such a worrisome note, so let me tell you how awesome it was last night at dinner time, to hear the two huge sonic booms as the shuttle Discovery came in for its landing at Edwards AFB, about 30 miles from here. It always thrills me and I so wish I would some day find out about the change in plans, so I could make it down there and watch a shuttle landing.


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