Friday, September 25, 2009

We All Had Our Nails Done

Hi again, it's me.....Princess!

Today, mommy said we really had to get our pedicures done. I don't like to get my nails trimmed, so I went and tried to hide behind the table. But I guess mommy saw me, because she told me to come out so I could be first. I said NO and tried to hide some more. But mommy just said she would do her nails first.

Off she went and got her stuff. She soaked her feet for such a long time I thought maybe she had forgotten about me. So I decided to come out and see what she was up to. She showed me all these pretty colors she could put on her nails. I wish I could get some colors like that on mine too. But then, guess what, she put the lavender color on her toe nails! Personally, I thought the red was much prettier. Oh, well, you never know what  your person may decide to do.

After that mommy tried to do Soldier. But he is so impossible, that silly boy. Do you know what he did? He let her trim about two nails, then he gently opened his mouth and placed it around mommy's wrist and tried to make her let go of his paw. It worked too! Then mommy tried to bribe him with some dog food. She tried to trick us and called it training biscuits, but i know my kibble when I see it. It's still great to get a treat, don't get me wrong. Just don't call it training biscuits if it's just plain old kibble. Well, after mommy trimmed about four of Soldier's nails, she gave up. Our mommy is not exactly known for her patience!

After that it was my turn, and by now, I felt a bit sorry for mommy, so I decided to be good! First she let me smell the trimmer. I bet she read about that in some book. She is always reading all those books! Well, the trimmer just smelled like Soldier's toe nails, so no big deal, but mommy was just trying to be nice and do the right thing to make me feel comfortable. I let her trim all my claws and now I'm good for a while, then we have to this all over again.

Then mommy took Angel in the bedroom and did her nails in there. Angel gets up in the bed, so it's easier for mommy, she doesn't have to bend down. Here is Angel sniffing the kibble and the trimmer.

And here is the kibble (training biscuits) that we all got when we were done. Soldier got some too, even though he was a silly boy and didn't get all his nails trimmed today.

That's all for now from our desert canyon.

Posted by me......Princess!


  1. Awww, such a good girl, Princess! I really dislike the nail-clipping routine. I'm so worried I'm going to hurt someone! Roxy, the farm pup's nails are black and so you can't see the "quick" - I'm terrified of drawing blood!
    To make matters worse, you know what's on my to-do list? Goat hoof-trimming and rooster claw cutting. Fun!
    Glad that Princess's mamma got a lovely pedicure out of it, though. Lilac is lovely!

  2. Princess you were such a good girl. Soldier was being a silly boy! And Angel, well, Angel is just that, an Angel.
    Thankfully I don't have to trim any of the dogs nails anymore. Oldest daughter does it for me. All the dogs except one. Honey Dog is terrified of getting her nails clipped. Heck, she freaks out when I am clipping MY nails. I acutally have to leave the room to do mine otherwise she gets too upset. Trimming hers is well, a sneaky, clip one when you can trick!


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