Monday, September 7, 2009

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

Happy Labor Day

Sometimes kids say the funniest things and I love these from my friend Carol's grand-daughter, Caroline Conrad. Jenny is Caroline's older sister, they live with their parents and their brother C. J. in Bangkok, Thailand, hence, the "slug bug" – I have never met or heard of a slug bug, so I presume they may be local to that area:

Caroline: What's that white thing?
Daddy:That's an answering machine
Caroline:(amazed) So if I ask it a question, it will give me an answer?

Jenny:  Slug bug!
Caroline:  Slug bug!
Jenny:  Caroline! You didn't see it!
Caroline:  Yes, I did.
Jenny: No, you didn't.
Caroline: Yes, I did.
Jenny: No, you didn't.
Caroline: Yes, I did.
Jenny: Then what color was it?
Caroline: Same as yours.

Mommy:  What did you do in PE today?
Caroline: We ran.
Mommy:  Did you run a lot of laps?
Caroline: Yeah, I ran and ran and ran.
Mommy:  What did you do after you ran?
Caroline: I stopped.


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