Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Changing Landscape

Last month, I posted some photos of fall colors in town, much like this one:

I took some more photos that day, as I drove home. I remembered them this morning and thought I would share them with you now. Winter will soon be here with snow and new views to share. On my 12-mile trip home from town, the landscape changes drastically from mature elms, oaks, green lawns and lush foliage to this.......

When you live in the desert mountains for a while you realize, in a new way, the value of water. In the spring, these mountains will be green and covered in wildflowers!   

The rabbitbrush in the foreground still had some yellow flowers then, to soften the landscape and feed any remaining bees.

You hope none of those huge boulders will come rolling down the hillside.

Another canyon view.

As I get closer to home, juniper bushes appear like green dots on the hillsides. While not the most cheerful of bushes, they do lend some color to the canyon. And I've become rather fond of them; I guess you learn to appreciate what you have in a harsh place like this.

Some of the many rock formations that can be found all around the canyon.

Here are some more.....

And now I'm home...this is our country road. There is just something about a country road that makes me happy!

Now that I'm feeling good, I plan to blog about some activities again this week. A lot of outdoor work has gotten behind, I have a diabetes support group coming up, and I plan to bake an oatmeal cake!! And, yes, for me that cake is big news! I stopped baking when I got diabetes 20 years ago and I'm just starting again and loving it!

Have a great Sunday....


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