Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stockholm -- Photos for a Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday, I took a lot of photos of our town here to post and show my friend Carol and anyone else, of course, what the town looks like. I felt I was doing really well with the autumn foliage last week, but yesterday's photos were just awful. I guess it's easier to take pictures of trees than of buildings and streets and such. At least for me. I will try again this coming week. 

So I decided to instead post some photos from my hometown, Stockholm, Sweden. The photos are from June 2005.

The rose/beige building is the Grand Hotel. Fishing boats, like the one pictured with the large net, are still used on the waters around central Stockholm.

The Opera House, where I spent many an evening when I was young, listening to all the great operas. In those days, you could just walk in, buy a ticket, climb up to the highest balcony and enjoy some of the great singers of the day.
View of Old Town, the medieval part of Stockholm, with the royal castle in the foreground and Sofia church and the cliffs of the south side in the background.

A pretty building, I thought, and that horse statue. It was gorgeous, but unfortunately you can barely see it in this photo.

The King's Garden, a park in central Stockholm. On this day, people from all over gathered for a tournament of that French game of balls being tossed. See what do I it boule? Sorry about that, I just stumbled on it and had a great time people watching. NK, an upscale Stockholm department store, is in the background.
A party boat coming in from Finland. These boats go back and forth between Stockholm and Finnish ports, through one of the prettiest places on earth, the Stockholm archipelago. I have never been on one, but I bet you beer and aquavit flow freely on these trips. When I was young, I traveled on Russian ships between Stockholm and London, so I do have some experience with such things.
An inlet at Djurgarden, or Deer Garden in English, where I spent a lovely day with my cousin.

One of my absolute favorite things in Stockholm: The little ferry that takes you from Old Town to Djurgarden.
Old Town Stockholm was founded around 1250. This is Priest Street, one of my favorites. And one of my favorite photos....

This is Marten Trotzig's Alley, the narrowest street in the city.
It never really gets dark in Stockholm in June, no real midnight sun, just a lovely twilight. I took this picture around ten in the evening. The spire to the left belongs to City Hall, a building famous for its design. The church spires to the right belong to the three churches in old town: Great Church, German Church, and Knight's Church. And yes, a lot of sailing takes place all around the city waters in the summertime.
Go visit sometime in June, you will love it.


  1. Oh my gosh!!!!! All those old buildings with so much history!!! Beautiful. One day when I start travelling, I want to go to Stockholm and see everything in person. My favorite buildings are castles. Thanks for taking us on visit to Sweden.

  2. Lovely.....TAck Inger för att fu visar upp vår vackra huvudstad.Vårt fina underbara Stockholm. Vackra bilder som vanligt Inger. Tänk att man bor så nära detta vackra Stocholm. LOVE MY HOMETOWN ; )Du måste komma hit snart igen.

    Här hemma firas det för fullt fotbollslaget AIK har tagit SM guld...STOCKHOLM vibrerade igår/natt och kommer att göra så även denna natt.

  3. Wonderful photos of a wonderful magical place... Thanks.

  4. One gets a little homesick. Even though I'm from Härnösand, nowadays anything Swedish makes me a little nostalgic.

    The archipelago of Stockholm is a gem. I've had lunch on Fjäderholmarna once -- it was lovely.

    Didn't take up photography until about two years ago, so unfortunately I never took any pictures there. I would have loved to shoot Drakens Gränd and many other places in the city ... Stortorgskällaren, Gyldene Freden ... so many memories...


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