Friday, November 6, 2009

Resting Today

I came down with a cold of that achy, sore throat, runny nose, miserable kind that I never get anymore. But I have it now and all I want to do is stay in bed, read my book, drink hot tea, and eat green grapes. How great is that?

Looks like someone may be of a different opinion.

Soldier: "Look at this beautiful morning, the sun rising above the mountains, breaking through the mist. How about it? A walk? Please?"

Soldier & Princess: "Please, please!"

Princess: "OK, if that's the way it is, I'm gonna sulk!"

Soldier: "And I'm gonna bug Angel."

All three in unison: "But if you're really sick, we'll try to be good. And if we are, maybe we could get a cookie or two? Please, please!"


  1. Love understanding dogs... they do seem to know when you can't do the regular things with them.. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Oh :-(
    So sorry you're sick. Good thing you have all those sweet and perky faces to take care of you. (lol) See? They know that exercise is a sure fire way to get you back on the road to health! :-)
    But first, do all the things you're and drink lots of liquids. Thank goodness for a stack of new books!
    Be better soon...


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