Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Princess and Our New Neighbors

Our New Neighbors
by Princess

These are our new neighbors; they live in the field next door to ours. Can you see them?

Oh my, oh my, when I first saw and smelled them I wanted to go and herd them up so badly. My legs were twitching and itching to run over there and move them all over that field. I should be herding sheep, but these big guys.....mmm, tempting! You see, one part of me likes to chase balls, retrieve, splash in the doggie pool and play! That's the Black Lab part. But there is also in me a very serious working dog, called a Border Collie, that was born to herd sheep. So far, I've only herded some dogs that went missing around here, never any sheep or cattle.

The other day, one got loose and was herded by a mule (not a real mule, but one with wheels). If I'd been outside, I would have gotten that old cow back home just as fast.

This morning, we saw them again on our walk. Sometimes they glare at us, like: What are you doing here?

But usually they are busy eating and if you've ever seen a cow eat, you know it takes up a lot of their time. So they ignore us, like in this picture from yesterday when we saw them in the fog.

Angel and I ignore them too and find some interesting smells to keep us busy.

But Soldier, that silly boy, only ignores them as long as they stand still, but as soon as they move he is up in the window barking his little head off. It's a good thing cows stand still a lot (they chew and chew for a long time in the same place) or it would be a lot of barking going on around here.

Other than that, we're all getting used to each other and get along just fine, like good neighbors should.

I hope you all got to go for a good walk today! Until next time....

Posted by me: Princess!


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