Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Good Neighbor Makes Me Feel Better

Yesterday, my neighbor came by with a wonderful stew, lot's of veggies in a healthy broth, and some huge biscuits that must have been homemade as well. That was the highlight of our week of being cooped up in the house, me fighting a cold, the dogs fighting major boredom. And how great it is for me to know that there is such a good and caring woman close by here in the canyon.

After a week my cold is now back where it started -- in my throat. What's up with this, I thought colds went away after a few days? Good I don't get them often.

This is how we all look and feel after a week of being indoors.

As long as I can read books and magazines, I'm OK - as long as the dogs get an extra cookie here and there I think they are OK too.

To combat boredom, I took the camera outside this morning.

Is this what's called a dun-colored landscape?

It has it's own strange beauty though...I have learned to see it now, it took a while.

And it's always full of interesting smells says Princess.

Have a great day........


  1. You do indeed have a nice neighbor. I could almost taste it all. And your dogs look so comfy snoozing on the sofa. Get to feeling better!

  2. Now you have made me want home made soup! Hope you are well soon. I enjoyed seeing your landscape, because it is so different from mine.


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