Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Good Neighbor Makes Me Feel Better

Yesterday, my neighbor came by with a wonderful stew, lot's of veggies in a healthy broth, and some huge biscuits that must have been homemade as well. That was the highlight of our week of being cooped up in the house, me fighting a cold, the dogs fighting major boredom. And how great it is for me to know that there is such a good and caring woman close by here in the canyon.

After a week my cold is now back where it started -- in my throat. What's up with this, I thought colds went away after a few days? Good I don't get them often.

This is how we all look and feel after a week of being indoors.

As long as I can read books and magazines, I'm OK - as long as the dogs get an extra cookie here and there I think they are OK too.

To combat boredom, I took the camera outside this morning.

Is this what's called a dun-colored landscape?

It has it's own strange beauty though...I have learned to see it now, it took a while.

And it's always full of interesting smells says Princess.

Have a great day........


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