Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blackbird Rituals and Evening Fun and Games

The Blackbirds are Back!

Every fall, large flocks of blackbirds gather on the wires at dusk.....

Most of them perch in perfect harmony and symmetry, facing in the same direction......

It's interesting to observe these evening rituals. Not all birds are content with their original landing spot. They want to change, maybe with a bird further down the wire, so off they go and start a spat.

This usually ends with the target bird giving up its spot to the aggressor. But then that bird has to find a new spot and it doesn't seem to occur to it to simply go to the end of the line and perch there. This goes on for a while, and then they all settle down and wait until dark. As soon as it gets dark, they swoop down in one large black cloud to spend the night under cover in the juniper bushes.

Steal the Slipper and Three-Way Dog Fight Games

Our dogs are pretty much spoiled with their daily walks and outside activities, so after spending a week in the house and dogrun, they got the after dinner crazies, just like puppies, last night.

Soldier tells the story:

There went mommy's slipper! I bet Angel stole it!

Here's the slipper, but where is Angel? Hint: See her ear and tail in the foreground?

There she is, I got her!

Let's have a three-way dog fight! Note: Slipper is left and forgotten.

Ophs!! I'm busted now; I knocked over the plant and didn't get my TAIL out of the picture!!

Who me? I didn't do it!


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