Friday, November 27, 2009

Look Who's Home for Thanksgiving!

Hmmm, this looks like a fun toy!

I think I'll jump in....  

and see what happens.

Muddy is what happens! Oh boy, am I in trouble now.....

It has been so much fun to have my husband and Samson up here for Thanksgiving. Here we are on your way up the hillside for a morning hike.

Walking in the hills with the dogs,

we see mountains all around, junipers, mesquite, rabbitbrush,

lichen on granite rocks that remind me of Sweden

and green sandstone rock formations

of different kinds.

At the end of our hike, we climb down a steep hillside

and follow the barbed wire fence home.

Today I'm thankful for my family: my husband, my dogs, and my little bird. For good health and a chance to be together, hike in the hills, light a fire and eat good food. I am also thankful for all my friends that are so supportive of all I do.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.


  1. Oh my Samson sure looks like he had a great time in that flower pot! Even though he got filthy, he sure was cute doing it! And he has grown.

  2. What a sweet face Samson has! Even when he's getting all muddy. :)
    What a treat to have them there with you for Thanksgiving!!


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