Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fire Update

According to the latest from the KGET TV web site, the Tehachapi fire is 25% contained; it has burned over 1,400 acres; 25 structures are destroyed, and it's not known how many of those are homes; 150 to 200 homes are still threatened by the blaze.

The Tehachapi area is very large (we are 12 miles from the city of Tehachapi, for example) and while the fire is burning on our side of town, it's probably 10 – 15 miles from here. I'm not sure about the miles, but it is not very close.

After all the smoke on Tuesday night, I saw nothing yesterday morning and thought the fire had been contained. But when I got phone calls from relatives in New Orleans and emails from worried friends all over the place, I realized it was much more serious than I had first thought. Then when the strong Tehachapi winds started up later in the day, I called a friend for an update as a lot of smoke blew into the canyon.  I also checked the internet and found out that the governor had been here and had declared our county a disaster area. There is a larger fire burning in a different area of the county as well, with over 16,000 acres burned and more than 2,000 firefighters on the lines.

I take this as a warning to check my bag of medical and personal supplies that's always packed for emergencies. Then I'll pack the paperwork, deeds, business CDs, a few photos, but not much else. I usually do that every summer, but didn't get to it this year.

And my friend is stopping by later today to help me get the birdcage down from the fireplace mantel. We put Pippi Birdie up there when Samson was here and forgot to bring him back down before my husband and Samson went back to LA. I had to balance dangerously on a stepstool just to feed the bird and found there was no way I could lift the cage with one arm. So I am very grateful to get my bird down on the table again.

I just took this picture and, as you can see the sky is clear here this morning. As you can also see, it's very dry and yellow. I'm happy I mowed some of the grass/weeds and very grateful to Rachael, who just wouldn't quit mowing until the mower ran out of juice.

Thanks to all my friends who have written or called, concerned about my safety. Have a great day everyone and I'll let you know when they put this fire out.

God Bless The Fire Fighters -- My Heroes, Always!


  1. How awful! keep safe ;) xxx

  2. OMG! What a worry! I would be terrified...we're in a flood area here in the Lincolnshire fens, I'd sooner have water than fire though. Stay safe & keep us updated! xxx

  3. I'm sure you have all your ducks in a row.
    Very pretty picture, but would burn in a flash, I'm afraid. Can you smell the smoke? I am worried for you, keep us up-dated!

  4. Oh dear, I didn't realize that the fire was that serious. And, I didn't realize that you always had an evacuation bag packed during the summer either. What a smart idea. You just never know what might happen. I'm not going to worry too much, and more about your property than you, because I know that you will have enough common sense to take your critters and leave, and not try any heroics.

  5. Glad you are that far away from those fires, that must be scary, I see it on TV all the time, would scare me for sure.
    Love the picture, look how blue the sky is.Lovely scenery even if it looks dry lol.

  6. Oh, my... Fire season. Always spooky. I have a "go kit", that sounds somewhat similar to your emergency kit, but the paperwork always worries me, it's in Husband's stuff, and while I know kind of where it is, I don't know, short of grabbing EVERYTHING, if I could lay my hands on the important stuff in an emergency. But, I would be too busy loading the animals and grabbing my spinning wheel, anyway!


  7. Amy: I will keep safe and I have cut back tall grasses and weeds even with my bad shoulder this summer.
    Tracey: I would rather have water too, except once I had a near flash flood here and that was scary too.
    Sharon: No smoke yet today. Fire is supposed to be out by tomorrow night.
    Louise: I didn't realize it either, close as I am. With my diabetes, I have to have medical stuff packed always. Don't forget, knock on wood, this is also earthquake country.
    Tina: If I saw flames close by I would be terrified. Nothing like that is going on here.

  8. Cat: I know, we have to get our critters out first. For me the next is my medical stuff, wish it was a spinning wheel -- that sounds like so much fun.

  9. I hope they contain the fire and that you can stay safely in your home. Fires can be so terrible. Keep us in the loop!

  10. Sandra: I haven't seen any smoke today. Hopefully, they will contain it by tomorrow as predicted.

  11. Ok, I feel better now knowing you are safe. And if it comes down to it you are prepared.
    Stay safe!!!!! hugs.

  12. This whole thing must be very stressful.....I know we were on alert a few years ago......had everything packed and ready to go. Never had to though. Inger you are smart to have everything in order.....good luck, we hope you don't have to budge.

  13. I just got caught up with your blog. That books sounds interesting. And, great pics of the clouds in your last post. Stay safe w/ everything - especially the fire going on. Call me if you need me. Sydney, your lizard boyfriend, sends his love and a big kiss to his favorite Swede!


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