Thursday, July 1, 2010

Samson Says: "Kisses Anyone?"

It's hot and with no idea what to blog about, I figure a cute puppy will always do.

Last week, I was resting on the couch when Samson came up and started licking my broken shoulder. He was very intent on his licking procedure, as if he wanted to help me heal. It felt so good and he didn't stop until I got up and took this picture of his sweet little face.

Here are some more kisses from Samson:

Soldier gets a puppy kiss.

Happy New Year! Princess gets New Year's kisses.

Soldier gets one on the mouth. Well, almost!

And here he's at it again last week.

No one comes close to Angel's mouth, so Samson has to settle for her ear.

With nothing much else going on, I thought I'd share these. But a friend is coming tomorrow to take me grocery shopping! Being alone here so much, even a trip to the grocery store seems like one big adventure.


  1. Awwww Samson is so sweet, funny how the animals always know when we don't feel our best and get more affectionate on those days. Nothing beats animal love.

  2. Remember to pace yourself, Inger, you haven't been real active because of the shoulder and now the extra hot & dry outside. You are going to be really tired out from doing what was a normal thing pre-broken-shoulder.

    Some dogs do kissy face and some don't. I don't know what that is about. Jill is a real lover, but Jack only kisses if you have been gone a long while. Samson seems to be a lover, not a fighter, LOL! It's nice that he is taking such good care of you!

  3. I wouldn't mind some kisses and Samson seems to be a master at it:))

  4. Awwwww, a lovely wet puppy kiss from Samson would be just the thing. Here's a long distance smooch and a big hug, long distance, for your boy.

    Have fun grocery shopping today. Don't buy too many impulse items, but do indulge yourself a bit. You deserve it, after what you have been through.

  5. Samson is quite the kisser! My Dad would call him Licker.....Sophie's nickname. Have fun at the grocery store!!!! Don't forget to give yourself a few 'treats'.

  6. these are some sweet, precious pups!
    Get well soon!

  7. A communal thanks for your comments. I'll let Samson know you all think he is real cute and a great kisser. But Sharon is right, just going grocery shopping today and spending time with a friend, doing such unusual things (for me) like talking, has completely wiped me out! LOL, Inger

  8. I do believe the last little vestiges of puppy-ness in Samson have disappeared. Except for behavior maybe - lol. He just looks all grown up. Gosh, that happened fast! sigh.
    Glad you've got someone close to help you get out of the house a bit. Woo shopping!! :-)

  9. Hej Inger, har fått en ny dator ( nja begagnad men det stänger inte ner hela tiden) jippiiii.
    Nu kan jag följa dig mer och skriva på din blogg oftare. Samson är underbart söt, tror han vet det. Han skulle få pussa jämt på mig om han var här i Sverige, Kanske är han in prins?
    Ida har vi haft 33 grader varmt här i Stockholm. Har legat på en klippa i Vaxholm med kompisar och mamma. Det fina armbandandet jag fått av din glänser fint på min handled nu när man börjar bli sommarbrun och fin.
    Hoppas du fick njuta av din Shopping.
    Mamma hälsar så mycket till dig.
    kramar från Sverige ( p.s snart kommer det lite post till dig från Sverige ; )

  10. Danni: Samson is now the largest of our dogs!! Boy that went fast.

    Petra: Jag skriver en e-mejl till dig nu. Kram -- Inger

  11. They are beauiful dogs ~ Lots of Kisses for Samson from me ~ Ally x


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