Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Had To Laugh....

I took a couple of shadow pictures when I walked to the mailbox the other day. I was going to post them as: A Shadow of My Former Self – I thought it was such a clever post title because when I saw the doctor in June, I found out I had lost 15 pounds since my accident. I know many people would be ever so happy to lose weight, but my weight was fine before and I feel a need to be strong for as long as I can. I've never liked being skinny and at my age, trust me, skinny is not pretty.

So when I saw this, I burst out laughing:

What, did I say SKINNY? Look at those hips and legs….sooo funny!

I wear my largest size jeans here, way too big for me, but the easiest to get into and button. I also have a sort of mini-dress on top of the jeans. So there went my clever post title -- but I got a good laugh -- hope you will too!


  1. Take my word for it, fat at our age isn't pretty either!

  2. Wow you got long legs lol holy smoke lol !

  3. Sharon: Weight is always such a sensitive issue and my point is that neither extreme is good. I hope you got a good laugh though.
    Tina: It may be the picture -- but I'm almost 6 feet so I do have long legs.

  4. Well, from someone who calls herself "round" and is probably being kind, I think that your shadow self looks just fine. I think that you're absolutely right about not being too thin. Fit, is the word that counts, and there is no correct weight for that.

  5. Louise: I agree my shadow looks fine. Losing 15 pounds in a month is very, very scary to me and I just wanted to make light of it.

  6. You are almost six feet tall??! I never would have guessed this. Sheesh, you positively TOWER over me. :-)
    Funny picture.


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