Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Morning

What with the wildfires and my attempt at stick figure humor, I kept forgetting to welcome these three new followers to my blog: Peggy Montano, Connie, and Tracey. Welcome and I'm looking forward to getting to know you.--Inger.

One of my most treasured pleasures of living my simple and frugal life here in the canyon is hanging laundry on the line. Here are a few things I washed by hand.

Until my arm gets well, tank tops and buttoned shirts are all I can put on. As you can see I stole some of hubby's undershirts and they are actually the most comfortable for me to wear right now.

As always, Princess comes with me. Believe me, she's not just laying down here…her razor-sharp, border collie eyes, are making sure nothing is approaching and I am safe. What a dog!

I heard some strange noises, some kind of birds: peep, peep, peep. So we went to check it out and found three huge birds circling over our fields.

You can't see them in the picture above and as they saw us, they began a beautiful circling flight, higher and higher until they became one with the sky …or so it seemed from the ground. 

Usually, the very large birds around here are turkey vultures, but I'm not sure what these were. Their wings looked much thicker and I've never heard that strange little noise before. The bird in the photo is very high up and I enlarged the picture several times just to get something.

Oh, to become an expert on nature...

I look the birds up in both my bird books, but seldom find what I would call a match. I have to get that book about the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada, recommended by the nature expert who writes for our local paper. But not this month because I'm just about to order the DVD of the Swedish movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo! And living this frugal life, one treat like that will have to last a while. Oh, I hope the film will show a lot of my love: The City of Stockholm!

I heard from a friend in town yesterday that they were doing mop up work on the Tehachapi fire, so it should be pretty much contained by now. While we were out there this morning, I watered a lot around the house and, if nothing else, it made me feel good.

Have a great day! I'm off to to make my purchase!


  1. So glad to hear that the fire danger is over for this time! I have been waiting for your post!

    Is that possibly a hawk of some sort? Seems to me that my brother's had that sound. Circling, perhaps for a mouse or other small creature.

    Princess is such a good dog!

  2. You asked yesterday if turkey buzzards made a noise. I never heard them make a sound. And, hawks make more of a screeching sound. I wonder if what you heard were some other little birds, giving a warning that there were hawks nearby?

  3. Laundry on the line - that always makes a nice picutre, no matter where you take it! I can just smell the freshness!

    Princess is such a good dog - making sure you are safe!

    I am glad to hear the fire is not a threat anymore. Have a really nice weekend!

  4. That's weird, I have never heard a sound out of the turkey buzzards around here. Your picture doesn't look like one, but, rather a hawk. Or, maybe it's an eagle!

    Feel free to copy my picture, and, of course, no need to post this comment.

    Take care of yourself, Inger!

  5. WOW! It's just like 'Little house on the prairie'! I love where you live so much!
    Thanks for the

  6. Inger, I don't know my California geography as well as I should. I just saw that there is a huge new fire in the high desert near LA, and that Gov. S. is recommending new evacuations. Is that near you? Are you OK?

  7. I am at the southern end of the Sierra Nevada mountains at 4,141 feet. The high desert is about 1,000 ft below here; the closest town, Mojave. Last night there were fires close to Lancaster, which is 50 miles from here. There is little wind and no smoke tonight. So I'm OK. Thanks for checking. Means a lot to me.

  8. Glad to hear the fire is no longer a threat for you. Just read on the net that a fire jumped the aquaduct and is headed towards Palmdale.
    Good girl Princess!!!
    I would love to hang out the laundry, but with as dry as everything is here, when the wind picks up, well, there goes the clean clothes thanks to all the dust.

  9. Hi Inger - The bird in the picture looks like a hawk to me -- or definitely some bird of prey. Besides red-tailed hawks, there are red-shouldered hawks. Tough to tell for sure but it is probably one of those. Glad you are safe from the fire:)

  10. The photo of your washing hanging on the line is beautiful - the contrast of the colours against nature's backdrop just lovely. Princess is a very good 'guard dog', too !

  11. Hej Inger,nu är jag hemma igen efter resan till Turkiet. Vi har haft et toppen! Men oj vilken drama det har varit hos dig, tur branden inte nått er, fy vad obehagligt. Hur mår du? hoppas du är bätre nu. Ser att boken ligger på ditt nattduksbord, hoppas du gillar den. jag älskar den underbara karaktären Allan. Åh vad kul att du snart kan se filmen om Lisbeth Salander. Längtar efter att få äsa om vad du tyckte. Må så gott och var rädd om dig Inger. Kramar från ditt älskade Stockholm

  12. Rachael: I have to do some bird research.
    Lynda: I'm glad you saw the beauty of washing on the line. Princess is a very good girl.
    Petra: I'm glad you are back home in Stockholm while there still is some summer left. I can't wait for the DVD to arrive and will let you know.

  13. Hanging clothes on the line! So relaxing....I get so OCD about it. Do you?
    You are so lucky to have Princess with you. She's a good companion, eh?
    Just talking to my niece about the movie 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"....she highly recommended it to us. A review would be great from you...once you get it. Thanks.

  14. Jabacue: Have you read the books? If you want to read my take on them, click on Books in my Blog Subject list and it is the one dated February 7, called "The Girl Who Made the Pages Sparkle." I'll let you know about the film.


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