Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm Taking A Break -- Will Be Back Soon

I feel I need to take a break from blogging for a couple of weeks. Sharon reminded me it takes time to heal and that I will be tired for a while longer. And I am tired, very tired. Also my neck has been hurting for a while when I sit at my computer because of the weight of my arm in the sling.

So I want those of you who comment all the time, and who have become my friends, know. Since you know I'm not 100% well, I don't want you to worry about me.

I will rest and work on building up my strength more slowly than I have these past weeks with all the yard work I did. I know I was overdoing it a bit, but it had to be done and I enjoyed it so much. I'll definitely be visiting your blogs, just not as often perhaps.

And thank you so much for visiting with me, for leaving you comments, and for sharing your lives with me on your blogs. I never knew blogging could be so much – not only fun, but meaningful too. -- Inger


  1. You rest and take care of yourself. I can guarantee that we'll all be here when you get back. We'll miss you, but we want you to heal also.


  2. Although I am going to miss you, I believe you are right, you need to rest a whole lot more than what you have been doing. We older gals don't heal as quick as we used to! When you feel you are ready, just ease on in! We'll be here!


  3. I second what Louise said....we will miss you, but need you to get better too....Hugs....Tina

  4. I'm not going anywhere Inger. Give yourself as much time as your body demands. Time will be the healer.....always is. Now kick those feet up and start on that pile of unread books. See you soon.

  5. Rest well, Inger, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Please give all the pups a pat from me. You're wise to take it slow and allow your body the time it needs to heal, although I know how hard it must be for an active person like you to do this.
    I wish you lived closer...

  6. Even thought I will miss your posts, your health must always come first. You take your much needed rest - it takes time to heal but we think we can cheat here and there and bit time to it. No, doesn't work that way. Just enjoy your days and take it easy, real easy.
    Talk soon!

  7. Darn it my friend! I knew you were going to over do it! Very happy you are going to take it easy and heal. Jim has the right idea. Now go read those books you have been wanting to. Much love.

  8. Thank you so much my dear friends. It's funny, but I didn't know you could make new friends at my age, number one. And by just sharing one's life in a few words and pictures. You all mean a lot to me.--Inger

  9. you have a nice rest! we will be hear when you come back!!

    look forward to hearing from you soon! xxx

  10. Hi Inger -
    I'll miss hearing of your regular goings-on. Take care of yourself, and, hopefully, I'll see you (in person) soon! *Sydney sends you a big kiss!

  11. take care of yourself 'gurl'...if I was there by your side I'd stare and give you a nudge and then....a big lick! Waiting patiently for your healthy return.

  12. Amy: I don't know why, but sitting at the computer is really uncomfortable.
    Rachael: I hope to see you next week.
    Sophie: You and Samson would be great friends -- he loves to give licks too. Do you think Clancey would get jealous? I guess not. You all would probably just go running on that beach of yours.

  13. Hej Inger, vaknat tidigt i ett otroligt varmt Stockholm. Svårt att sussa när utetempen varit 22 grader under natten. Hoppas du snart är bra så vi kan följa dig och dina äventyr på bloggen.
    Hoppas ditt paket kommit fram och att du blir glad.
    Kramar från underbara Sverige.
    Pussa Samson från mig,tänk att han har en beundrare i Sverige.LOVE

  14. I recently took a blogging break, too - sometimes we need that. Hope that you are having a refreshing and recharging time, look forward to your posts when you come back :)

  15. I understand being patient with the time for healing. I broke the tibia bone in my left leg six months ago and I still hobble. And for sure it makes you more tired.
    good to me you here.

  16. Peggy: I hope you get fully well soon. I am so grateful I didn't break a leg.


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