Monday, July 26, 2010

Great News!

My husband came up and took me to the doctor last Thursday. I'm thrilled to report that my shoulder has healed completely!

My left arm will need physical therapy, something I can have done locally, here in town. The doctor promised I will get my strength back, so that's great. The worst problem is my left hand, particularly the middle finger, which hurts something fierce and can be neither fully stretched nor bent. While my health insurance offers better coverage than most, it all has to be authorized in advance. Dumb me! I thought that since the finger was part of the initial accident, certainly a part of my injured left arm, I could get it x-rayed and checked by the doctor while I was there, more than 50 miles from home. But no – it needs to be authorized by my insurance first – only my arm and shoulder are covered by the initial authorization. Grrr!

I don't need the sling and I'm allowed to drive. While I can see me driving with one hand/arm, I have to figure the parking before I go to town. At least there isn't a whole lot of traffic on the roads around here. I love the feeling of freedom that being able to drive brings, but I have to start out slowly.

Thank you all my friends for your encouraging comments and support. Hearing from you has meant the world to me. I'll start catching up with your blogs this week and post some entries of my own as well.

Samson says: It's about time, mommy!


  1. Glad to hear that you are healing so nicely and are almost back to "normal" lol whatever normal is. Glad all this rest has done you good.
    I totally understand what you mean by "freedom" that driving brings. I am so lost without a car, even so I don't really have to go anywhere but the feeling of I could if i wanted to is really all that matters.
    Glad to hear from you. Keep up your great work.

  2. So excited when I saw you on the list! Welcome back! I have missed you and the dogs! I am glad that you are healed and just need to get strength. Hmm, sounds like you have our insurance, picky, picky, picky.

    My, what sharp teeth you have, Samson! :-)

    You will feel lots better now that you can get out and about! YAY! Freedom!

    Have a great evening now!


    Gee, I'm so glad your BACK!

  3. Dear Tina and Sharon: I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, reading your comments. Thanks for making me feel so welcome. -- Inger

  4. Look who's back! It is SO good to see your blog on my list again. And, I am very glad that you are healing so well. To be able to drive again must give you the greatest feeling of freedom, after all of these weeks being cooped up.

  5. Good for you Inger! Welcome back.....missed your input. Now, don't overdo it Missy! Take your time, there's no rush.

  6. Welcome back!!!! Howdy!! Missed You!!
    Great news about your shoulder. You are free to go where you want. Yay!! Sweet!!!
    Now, get us all up to date as to what has been going on with you. Weather? Wild life sightings? Princess? Soldier? Angel? Samson?
    Hugs!!!! :)

  7. I'm so glad to hear that you are recovering well, & lovely to see you blogging again, too ! Samson is gorgeous, please give him a big pat all the way from East Africa :)

  8. Louise: I plan to drive to town next week. So far just to the mailbox. I'll let you know how it goes.
    Jim: I rested all day yesterday after all the activities while my husband and Samson were here.
    Cindy: Weather is too hot (100 plus), huge birds sighted, dogs & bird OK. Hugs back to you.
    Lynda: Samson now has fans all the way from Sweden to East Africa. Hope it won't go to his head! And it will be sooo good for me to be blogging again.

  9. Nu har jag även läst det här uppdateringen av dig Inger. Härligt att läsa om din skada att den är på bättringsväg. Men hua vad besvärligt med alla föräkringsregler, lite annorlunda från här i SWE. Och underbara Samson, underbar bild på honom.
    Krmamar från 40 åringen


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