Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Post -- I had To Laugh

I'm concerned that my post of this morning may have been badly written and therefore misunderstood. All I wanted to do was make light of the fact that I lost 15 pounds in a month just because I had that accident. Losing weight for little or no reason is very, very scary for me.

When I took the photo, I expected a stick figure to appear, hence the title I had in mind: A Shadow of My Former Self. When I saw the picture, I just cracked up and felt happy I could laugh at something that was of great concern to me. So I wanted to share it and thought others would laugh too.

I guess it's hard in this society that sets such a high value on being way too thin, to understand that I want to be strong, robust and healthy. And looking that way, as well. You see, I equate losing 15 pounds and weighing less than what's normal for my height, with being sickly and weak.

I'm sorry if I appeared inconsiderate of those who would love to lose that kind of weight that fast. My post had only to do with me laughing at myself and my fears.


  1. Oh gosh! I don't know if you were worried about what I thought, Inger. I took no offense if you were. You look fine -- you feel fine. I look fine -- I feel fine. We just look different. Doesn't matter how we look anyways, it's what kind of people we are that counts. And, you're Aces!

  2. So glad to 'see' your back,skinny of not.Gosh no apologies needed, just be healthy..hear!

  3. Louise: I feel like I have known you all my life, so I know you didn't take offense. But yours and Sharon's comments made me realize that what seemed funny to me may seem insensitive to others. So I just wanted to explain myself.
    Sophie: Hi there, I missed you, but I'll keep up with your adventures from now on.

  4. Sounds like you may have lost some muscle mass from the inactivity.

    Wow, 6' tall.... You do cast a long shadow! Did your Dr. say anything or ??? maybe once you get your body toned up again, the weight will come back. Will probably take longer to get back than losing it.

  5. Sharon: You are so right, I need to work on building muscle in my upper body. But first I have to get this arm fixed. I think I have a frozen shoulder too. I've tried eating ice cream and it doesn't work, plus I mess with my diabetes care.

  6. I didn't misunderstood your intention with your post either...I had to laugh at it, just as you intended, reminded me too of one of those trick mirrors, where you either get stretched out thin, or made wider then you are etc. btw i am not overweight i am just undertall. lol

  7. Really glad your back! :) xxx

  8. Funny you should be talking about weight loss. I lost 20 pounds over the last year because it was advised. I wasn't overweight at all but I had cut back on the 'bad' foods and became more active. I am presently at an 'ideal' weight for someone of my height and body mass.
    The problem arises when people start to notice and comment if you are well or not. I've learned that most people in North America are overweight, men and women, and when someone is at their ideal weight, they stand out and are noticed.
    What I am trying to say, Inger, is that if are feeling good and have energy, don't worry about about it. Ask your doctor to do your body mass and height. He/she can come up with ideal weight.
    But yes, keep doing light weight training at home.....it is very important for all of us.

  9. Tina: I know we have a similar sense of humor - trick mirror is the right word.
    Amy: I'm so glad to be back!
    Jabacue: You are such a kind man, thanks for being my friend. I'm not feeling good and I have no energy, but b/c I can't stand the heat I won't know until October how I really feel. I'm at the very last pound of acceptable weight for me and about 20 lbs less than what I like to weigh. My husband now calls me his 70-year old model!! I just want people to understand that not everyone is happy to be skinny. But I'm not ill, so I shouldn't complain.


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