Thursday, October 13, 2011

Final (I hope) Update From The Library

First -- thank you all so much for reading and commenting even though I haven't been able to read and comment on your blogs for so long. You truly make me feel welcome here.

Then -- I have the computer at our house now. Thank you so much Fran and Bud. You are the best! And, Fran, those jokes are priceless. My husband will help to connect the wires and I have to talk to AOL about transferring their service to the new computer. I have talked to the satellite people and they said I may need to do some configuration after I plug them in. I can call them and they will help with that. I'm a bit more worried about AOL -- I have no idea why. Hopefully, soon, soon I can read your blogs again. I have gotten used to living without a computer, but I miss reading blogs so much and staying connected to my blogger friends and email my friends as well. And writing and taking photos too. I have a ton of photos to share once I get connected. 

To answer the Samson question: Yes, Samson does howl, but only if he feels left out or left behind. He's got a great howl, actually. He leaves the protection to Angel and Soldier with their German Shepherd genes and barks when he is happy, excited, and also not so pleased with things. He is the only dog I have ever had who actually goes: "Woof, woof, woof." Sooo cute!

I can't believe how much people talk in the library these days! And now there is a woman opposite me who is talking on her cell phone -- about a complaint, no less. I just told her to shut up and now I'm trying to not get into an argument with her. Ewww!

OK, all is well, I guess she didn't want to make more noise either.

I haven't seen any more turkey vultures and wonder how they are affected by all these windmills. Thanks for the info about them, Rachael. I think they are just wonderful they way they soar in large flocks like that. So beautiful.

For Bobbi: Samson misses Gracie too. He still chews on Gracie No.2. FYI, other readers: Gracie No. 1 is his blogger girlfriend and No.2 is his toy dog -- amazingly they look just so much alike.

Nothing much else to report. I'm off to see if I can find some good books while I'm here.

Have a great day everyone!


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