Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Warm Breakfast For A Cold Morning

I woke up freezing this morning -- 22 degrees outside and cold in the house as well. After I let the dogs out, I fixed my breakfast and as I looked at the oatmeal, nuts, ginger, bananas and milk in my Fiesta ware bowl with coffee in the Winnie and friends cup that Rachael gave me, I thought it looked so pretty that I had to take a picture and share.  

Today, I have to do some work I really don't want to do but that has to get done. One project is dealing with this 90-day pharmacy our health insurance requires us to use. I'm having a dispute with them involving just a small amount of money, but they are so screwed up that I am not letting them get away with it. I also have this urge to show them how dumb they are. Have you ever experienced that? I'm not so bright either, acting on it, because it will take a few hours of my time, but still. The urge is there. Then, or rather before that, I have to do some work on a project for my husband that also involves analyses and letter writing. In the old days, I used to love projects like these. Now, however, I much rather clean house! Or blog, of course.

Have a great day everyone!


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