Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Make A Spicy Veggie Soup

Right before the first frost (it came on October 7 this year), we harvested most of the remaining veggies from our garden. 

We didn't have any chicken or veggie stock, so we just cut them up, and put them in water in our big gumbo pot. My husband added a large can of tomato sauce, some celery, garlic, and red onions. And salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and maybe some other spices too. I don't know what he does to make food taste so good. 

The soup came out great, hot and spicy, even though we both forgot to put in the potatoes. I guess the more cooks .... The large freezer is full of soup now that will keep us warm when winter comes and potatoes can always be added later.


  1. You're lucky to have a husband who likes to cook. He makes the BEST GUMBO!!

  2. Looks good. Yes you can add potatoes later, or have the option of adding brown rice for a different soup. Harvested veggies look great!

  3. Yum, I love veggie soup. I make a lot of soups during the fall and winter months :-)

  4. Well Inger this looks like a really fresh and tasty soup the way it is. More added later to make variety.

  5. Oh gee,I will be over with the wine and the bread for your hot spicy soup! This looks delicious. Soon it will be constant soup around here.

  6. OOH Inger, I just love a good soup recipe!
    The veggie photos are super and is that Fiesta Ware Dishes?
    I'm trying my hand at cooking beef which lends itself quite nicely to soup!
    Glad you're back full time.
    Hubby is definately a keeper!!!

  7. Oh yes! This will be appreciated on those winter days! You guys are so organized.....and smart!

  8. Thanks for your comments: Yes, Hubby is a keeper, and no, not very organized, forgetting about potatoes and such, but you guys are right all kinds of stuff can now be added later. They are Fiesta Ware dishes. They are so colorful and do cheer me up. And now that I don't have a dishwasher, I'm glad they are practically impossible to break.

  9. Love veggie soup! Probably better you didn't add the potatoes as they can turn mushy when reheating.


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