Monday, October 24, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

Of our three dogs, only one knows what to do with a tennis ball.

Soldier -- Doesn't have a clue. Keeps it in his mouth for a while then loses the ball.

Samson -- Finds the ball, has no idea what to do with it either. Drops the ball.

Samson -- Picks the ball up again. Faces off with Angel.

  • Angel to Samson: OK, you got the ball, now you're supposed to give it to Mommy so she can throw it. 
  • Samson to Angel: Then what?
  • Angel: Then you're supposed to run after it and fetch it and bring it back to Mommy.
  • Samson: Then what?
  • Angel: You're supposed to drop it at Mommy's feet.
  • Samson: Then what?
  • Angel: Then Mommy throws it again and you chase it and bring it back to her.

Samson: You gotta be kidding me!!!


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