Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday's Book

The Postmistress
by Sarah Blake

In 1940, while bombs rain over London, a reporter on Edward R. Murrow's radio program asks her US listeners to pay attention to what is going on overseas.  Being in the midst of a terrible war, the reporter knows that friends, children, families, shopkeepers and others she sees one day, may be gone the next. And that, of course, holds true for her as well. 

In the US,  one man in a small town watches diligently for German U-boats off the Cape Cod coast while most of his friends and neighbors are sure the war in Europe will never touch them. But when a letter from London arrives in the small town's post office, the postmistress reads it and finds herself unable to deliver it and the sad news it contains.

A wonderful book that truly captures the fragility of life and the horror of war in a very up front and personal way. 

Many thanks to my friend Judy who gave me this great book for my birthday.


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