Monday, October 1, 2018

Golden Days Of Autumn

Every fall, the invasive Rabbit Brush weed redeems itself, covering the fields around my place with golden flowers.

I asked the tractor guy to thin them out in this field by my driveway and remove them from the field across the way and my front and back yards.

These little bushes survived in my yard.

And I asked him to leave this one. Errol and I came up here in mid-October 2005 and I saw the Rabbit Brush in bloom for the first time. I took a picture of this bush then, so I want to keep it. It doesn't seem to have grown much. 


  1. They look so pretty, Inger. Why did you want them removed? Were there just too many of them?

  2. Hi Inger - they do look delightful ... but tumbleweeds are so invasive and there's a regulation that you need to remove them I think that's the case?! So glad you kept your little bush to remind you of those early days back in 2005. Take care and have a good week - cheers Hilary

    1. These bushes are not tumbleweeds. I will show more of them later, as they dry out and roll down my road to park at my gate. I will be busy because there are lots of them. And in unincorporated (not part of a city) areas like this, there are not that many rules. Mainly the fire safety ones in early summer.

  3. Beautiful sunny yellow blooms everywhere!! But I guess they are invasive. I'm glad you didn't get rid of all of them.

  4. They are bright as this time of the year up North. I,too, are glad you saved some.

  5. They are pretty, but pests!!

  6. They really are pretty and glad you didn't get rid of them all.

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. Wish my view was as nice as yours!

  8. Are some people allergic to the weeds? It looks as if it's something that would make me sneeze.


  9. Rabbit Weeds at least redeem themselves once a year -- that's more than many humans! :-)

  10. so far our Autumn is acting like late summer. last year late summer went on until almost Christmas!
    I'm ready to have to wear a soft fleece hoodie! but then ages ago in northern Minnesota we had to cover our Halloween costumes with a heavy coat. so it's all relevant you know! and you're taking some beautiful pictures. :)

  11. Beautiful scenery. Having a warm Fall and the leaves aren't turning pretty colors, just turning brown and falling.

  12. Lovely to see your neck of the woods again. Everything is in beautiful colour. Happy autumn to you.


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