Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Good Dog Profits ~ Or Not?

Faith: First you disturb me so with that big blue and noisy thing you drag around the house. Then you show up with this flashy thing you think is so pretty because it's red. I wish you'd just leave me alone so I can chew on my bone in peace. 

Me: Maybe you'd feel better if you could be on my blog and show everyone, including lots of dogs, what a very good  girl you are.

Faith: Pretty too? 

Me: Yes, you always look pretty on my blog. 

Faith: OK.

Me: Sit!

Me: Good girl!

Faith: I heard some dogs get treats when they are good???

Me: We'll see about that. Now: Lie down!

Me: Good girl!

Faith: That's all? Good girl? No treats? 

Samson: Told you! No point in showing off if there are no treats to be had.


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