Monday, October 8, 2018

Notes To Myself ~ September 2018

Since I don't keep a journal now, I want to try something new here. A summary of each  month:


On the first of the month, I drove through town on my way to  the annual Go Native event, which took place in one of our parks. Local Native Americans gathered to sell their crafts, to teach us how to make things out of reeds and grasses, and so on. Bernice from CERT and crochet was there. I bought a present for Joyce's birthday, and had a long conversation with the woman who sold me the gift. She told me she had lost her husband 12 months ago. She was so devastated. Of course, I couldn't tell her it will get better with time. I didn't say anything about my loss, I just listened and was glad we somehow connected.  

The GranFondo took place on the 15th, with 1200 bicycle riders taking on several different routes, the length of which went from 18 to 100 miles. Mary, Joyce and I joined a couple from CERT up at the windmills. 

An event photographer came to take pictures. I took his. Then I asked if he minded me putting his backside on my blog. He said NO, so here it is.

Here's Joyce waiting for the first cyclists to arrive. We gave out water, cut oranges, cookies and nut bars. I took on the task of adding electrolytes to the water of those who desired it.

It was over very fast because we only had the best riders, those signed up for the 100 and 82 mile runs. I was a little disappointed. It's more of a folk fest when you help with the less experienced cyclists. And since we were the first stop, many riders just flew by. There's a local guy who wins every year. He's so fast, I've never been able to capture him with my camera. 

After we helped pack up, Mary and I drove over to the second rest stop where we visited with our friends from CERT for a while. It was a very good morning.

Madsnapper figured out why there are so many birthdays at the end of September. Oh, well, I guess you can figure it out too. Errol's birthday was the the 25th, he would have been 72. I didn't have a sad day, but now that I write about it, I feel the sadness. I will never see him get old. A weird thought, perhaps? Other birthdays: My niece, her brother; my friend Fran, or fishducky, as she's known on the blogs; Rosemary, my friend from UCLA; and here is Joyce, my neighbor and friend, with her big cakes, she got two kinds.

Her parents and her daughter Stephanie and her boyfriend were there. We had such a nice time. I'm so fond of her family, her mom is a few years older than me, her dad is in his 90s and going strong. 

I spent a lot of time here in September. I read somewhere that it costs over $23,000 to keep a dog for a normal life span. I'm assuming that's for a relatively healthy dog who only gets ill when old. All of my previous ones were like that. Samson was two when he first got ill. Phew.... At least the vet is wonderful, the absolutely best ever, and the hospital gives a 10% discount to seniors, which helps.

I'm posting the next picture for my own records. No need for you to look at it.

Samson injured himself, that has now healed. This is not from his injury, it's from his illness. Or so the vet thinks. I have no idea what's going on. And this is after I cleaned him up a bit. Before that he looked like Carrie from that scary movie. He's been on increased Prednisone and is much better, but still not OK. He went to the vet once in September.

Faith went twice for vaccinations and a wellness visit. First time she got in the Jeep, second time, no way. I had to call Joyce to come and help. Faith is very good at the vet, first time she fell in love with a gorgeous golden long-haired German shepherd. This last his time she had an ear infection and had to have her right ear deep-cleaned. No problems at all. So it's the drive that makes her so upset. It's 20 miles one way and she displays such unbelievable misery, it really hurts me. Faith likes to be in control and in the Jeep she's clearly not. The vet said, "she just wants to drive." So true.  

Sorry about this long post, I'm getting to the end now. I see both my PCP and my diabetes people (not the doctor, so much, but the nurse educator) every three months. Before my visits I have comprehensive blood tests done, one for each doctor. This month I also saw the PA for my dermatologist, a nice guy named Jim, who checks me out from top to toe, literally. And, finally, I had a heart stress test. Will find out about that one tomorrow. As far as the rest went, I was fine. 

The weather was still hot and dry for the entire month, but the nights cooled off significantly. And we began our early morning walks. In bad shape all of us, maybe not Faith, but she needs to lose 3 -4 pounds. 

It was a good month, just a bit too busy for me. 


  1. I post everything that happens, if I buy a computer, if the water heater breaks, garage door gets stuck down, everything. and when we try to rememeber things, I run a search of the blog, like water heater and it takes me right to it. I just searched to see when we bought my Kia... bob said how do you do that? I said every single thing is posted on my blog when it happens and is there. I think your post is a good idea. now you can remember when and where. I would love to visit the Native American anything at all.... poor sweet bloody leg Samson. glad he is better and poor sweet Faith. I know because I want to drive always. ha ha

  2. I really like this idea of a monthly blog update. Did you have skin cancer? Just wondering, because you get these full body checks from the dermatologist. Phil had melanoma on his lower eyelid and had to go to Duke University for the long surgery. What is Samson's illness? I love your gorgeous pictures of the blue sky and windmills with the bike riders! My first dog hated car rides. She would bark and jump the entire trip. By the time we got to the vet, the windows were coated with slobber!

  3. Hi Inger - it's great you get involved with the Community ... but a nuisance about Faith and her rides. Wonderful desert scenery ... and bikes - they go fast don't they ... we had one of the big Milk Races when I was in Newlyn, Penzance once - and they came careering down the very steep hill ... with a humped-back bridge to get over at the bottom - a few had some major scrapes, or hairy ride-jumps over. Poor Samson I hope the vet can help him - take care and with love and hugs to you three - cheers Hilary

  4. Busy is good. When not involved, I think too much and often that is not good or productive.

    When our precious pets get sick and old, the vet appointments are as often as our own. Their bills are often higher than ours.

  5. It's great to look back over the month - I feel it makes time slow down a bit for me.
    Have a great October Inger from an end of September baby :)

  6. We have had only one cat who didn't mind a trip to the vet.The others wail all the short 5 minutes or so. Can you have Faith on the front seat by you so she can see through the windscreen? Maybe if you have a harness on, is it that? Or the moving vehicle? Love your month's news. Down here, still packing and looking.

  7. That bike event had to make you feel good. All those folks moving by muscle power alone and all those wind turbines also helping our environment. Blogs are a great way to journal. Many times I want to know when I had a procedure done and it is an easy look up. Hope Samson is fine soon.

  8. Midnight is no fan of the cat carrier or the ride to the vet. He still remembers his first trip to the vet; the guy took a scalpel to his personals ... which he took personal!! :-) I am so happy you have Mary and Joyce as friends. Friends make all the difference in life. I worry about Samson. :( My own birthday is tomorrow so I am a Libra baby, and though I do not believe in Astrology, I am a perfect Libran. Go figure, right?

  9. I am so sorry about Samson! Thanks for explaining. Dara is one of our three granddaughters, and I post about them once in awhile. I should have said!

  10. Love these updates, keep them coming!!

  11. It sounds like a busy month. Keeping a dog does cost a lot of money. At one time we had five dogs and I did the vetting (mostly shots) myself. We used the vet for emergency care. Still a lot. Now we have two left and they are older. They both get upset about going to "town" to see the vet. I almost can't take it. Inger, take care of yourself. Glad to hear you are keeping up with your own appointments.

  12. your banner pictures just grow more beautiful!
    I love your 'out and about' posts.
    poor little Samson. that must have been miserable. I hope the worst is over!
    and I like the idea of a month's summary. makes lovely organized sense!

  13. Dear Inger, I like this new idea of yours--posting an account of the past month. You truly were busy. I'm finding that I simply can't do much anymore because of lack of energy. But I suspect that the fact I don't do things means I have less energy! A body needs to be in motion. And yours certainly is. I'm so sorry that Samson keeps having new symptoms. He has such valor. And Faith has so much hope. Peace.


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