Thursday, October 11, 2018

Road Clean Up

Last Saturday, members of the canyon CERT team cleaned the sides of the main road here. We do it a couple of times a year. I can't do much when it's hot out, but Saturday was cool, cloudy, and a perfect morning for me to be working outside. 

It's bone dry here in the canyon, all summer long. But beer cans and cigarette butts are among the most common things we pick up. Most of us in CERT are retired people and here we are, picking up after younger folks who just don't care. I could be annoyed, but it was a lovely day

and my road clean companion pointed out this beautiful cluster of juniper trees surrounding a big rock. I felt like I wanted to walk over and sit down underneath the thick branches. 

Back home, as I bent over to lock my gate, something black with a wet nose came up to me and really scared me. But it was only Judah, who belongs to my neighbor Joyce. 

He and his sister, Carmen, just wanted to come over and say hello. So they got their pictures taken and posted on my blog.

They are such good dogs. I say, "Judah, go home," when they come over to my place and bother Samson and Faith. That's what I said here, and they both turned around and walked back up the hill to their house. 

After all the hard work, I went back to bed for a nap. Joined by my sweet Faith. It was a lovely morning.....


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