Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Rust ~ Post No. 20

I don't need to go far to spot some rust.

This old Ford tow truck was retired here by previous owners.

I'm fond of it. I wrote story for my blog a long time ago now, where the old truck was looking back on its life, a little Pinto had a crush on him, the Crown Victorias the cops drove, a Mustang girl who was out of his league, and so on. 

Over the years, people have been in this engine looking for parts. Once a bird nested in the front seat, and mice and ground squirrels have also called it home.

I plan to call some place to come and pick up all the scrap metal I have around here. So the old truck has to go. I will miss it, for sure. 


  1. it's a lovely truck but taking it away is probably good for the environment. :)

  2. The truck keeps giving. I hope you can get nice change for it.

  3. I guess it is kind of like rustic desert art. Good for the surrounding creatures, for sure! Around here, people will just park old cars and trucks in out of the way places and leave them. But there is a recycle place that will buy them for the scrap metal.

  4. Hi Inger - sadly rust abounds around us ... but provides lots of texture and colour, and alerts us to things that perhaps need attention. I'm sure it's good to get the metal off the property - but love your old truck in its surroundings ... take care and enjoy the October air - cheers Hilary

  5. you might get a little money from the one who picks up this old truck. sad to see it go

  6. I'm surprised the previous owners didn't call for some one to haul it off. You usually can get a few bucks for the metal.

  7. Dear Inger, as you know, I'm in the midst of decluttering my home as well as my garage. I made great strides last Saturday in the garage. I had the whole day, so I'd work for maybe one-half hour and then take an hour off and then go back for another half and so on. One of my nieces is stopping by this weekend to see if there's anything she could sale on Facebook. She's been doing that to get extra money for her anniversary vacation in Hawaii next March. I'm hoping some of my clutter/ treasure?/ junk? will help out. Peace.

  8. Your story sounds imaginative.


  9. I just love old trucks like this. They make such interesting photo sites!

  10. It's beautiful (in an ugly sort of way)!!

  11. I love it but I understand why you're having it hauled away. I loved the truck's life history!

  12. oh that banner picture of the sunset! it's breathtaking! it has a beautiful stillness about it.
    and the old truck … yes. it's probably time to let it go to truck heaven.
    but isn't it funny how something like it can almost become such a unique piece of art and history?
    it's beautiful in its own way too!

    1. It's actually a sunrise. And now I may be reconsidering getting rid of the old truck.


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