Monday, October 29, 2018

Notes From The Canyon

It's been a while. I've been busy both with fun things and with diabetes issues. I definitely don't want to write about the latter and with the recent horrors taking place in our country, I feel I should write a serious post about my thoughts and feelings. But I seem to lack the energy for that, as well. 

My thoughts go out to all those who are affected by the violence and hatred that seem to overshadow so much of what's good in this country. 

It's Sunday afternoon and the air is filled with smoke. Still several hours before local news comes on TV and it would be good to be on social media so one could find out where this fire is located.

Since I'm not, let me instead tell you about some of the busy and fun things in my life. In the picture above, I was keeping an eye on Joyce's cattle, when unbeknownst to me, I got this good shadow shot of myself. 

Joyce is a very calm and mellow woman and all her animals respond to that. The large Guernsey bull, the brown and white one, is such a sweet critter. This country life, enjoying farm animals without being responsible for them, is just perfect for this time in my life.

Last Saturday, the canyon CERT team organized an evacuation drill. It was mainly Dave and Bernice, our hard-working leaders, and a few others who organized it, but we all participated.

Here I am, dressed up in my CERT gear, whistle and ID around my neck, and the very ugly trucker hat perched on my head. But not for long! I seriously tried to wear it, my ears would stick out, I had to put them back inside the cap, and it still popped up on my head and made me look funny. Even though I have by now lost all vanity I possessed earlier in my life, this hat was just a little too much. So it came off and I replaced it with one of my own.

There's only  one public road leading in and out of the canyon. If it becomes blocked by fire, flood, or earthquake there's another, private, road that can be used for evacuations. It's a dirt road with several gates, leading through fields with cattle and horses, and across land belonging to the cement plant. Most people in the canyon are unaware of it, so these drills serve our community well. This year, the attendance was really good. We had firemen with a large truck, EMT people with their truck, and someone from the Sheriff's Office too. 

We had coffee and cookies to help make it a fun morning. I could tell the coffee was very much appreciated by all. 

And here is my friend Joyce, who had taken a class in how to direct traffic, so she got to do that. I volunteered to hand out a brochure called Ready Kern, where after you complete and forward it to the appropriate office, you will get a notification of any county emergency on you cell phone or any other device of your choosing. Many people live isolated here, without neighbors close by, and I was surprised to find out that none of the people I talked to knew about Ready Kern. Well, now they do.

I guess this is enough of an update for now. But I have more tales to tell, so later.......


  1. What a great idea- to hold a drill like that. I've never heard of having one around here! Maybe because we have so many roads?

    As for the horrors, I have no idea how you guys are dealing. Ed and I had been talking about a vacation in the U.S. but frankly it's beginnign to feel like an unsafe place to travel. I know that that is likely not true but there is so much unrest and hatred boiling around.

  2. It's great that you take part in your community! So important for everyone to get involved. I'm proud of you...and glad you found one of your own hats to wear! heehee! I wear a cap real often but they aren't my favs either!

  3. I wish we had drills like that but I know the congestion it would cause would result in a lot of complaining,angry people. We don't need any more of that.

  4. sounds like fun and also good to know what to do when emergency arises. I have never been able to wear a baseball hat, drives me nuts.. I don't wear hats, have not since we quit wearing them to church back in the early 70's. my head is big and it is not comfy with a hat. looks like you have a good turnout

  5. I'm so glad that you are taking part in this exercise. Having a plan of action in case there is a need to evacuate is very important.

    I have a cap too but I have to adjust that little strap in the back so it fits better on my head but I wear it mostly at this time of year when the sun is lower in the sky because I need a sun visor to keep the sun out of my eyes.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Hi Inger - that's good that the community now know about Kern and also about the other road in case of emergencies. What great stalwarts Dave and Bernice are for you all - while Joyce looks a delightful neighbour ... lucky you. Can only agree with you re the cap ... well done for using another! I have the opposite problem ... all hats fall right over my head ... it's relatively small. Great photos and news from the Canyon - cheers Hilary

  7. This is such a good thing! I hope the word got out to all who need this info. You look so cute in this outfit!!

  8. One road in or out, that is quite a challenge in an emergency.Glad a lot attended and learnt more. Hats, they do not suite me at all, but pull on winter ones, I just wear one to keep warm, and summer, a large leather one is my favourite.

  9. What a brilliant idea. Being informed what to do in an emergency is 90% of the battle. Panic sets in when you don't no. I always say if your are prepared, you aren't scared.

  10. You have a strong united community. Drills save lives, as the fire here near Idyllwild/Hemet showed. That community was ready and able to battle such a fire.

  11. I'm enjoying my neighbors cows as well. : )
    Great that you are taking part in the emergency plan.

  12. The drill is a wonderful idea, & you look beautiful in your hat!!

  13. We should have a drill like that. Oh, I guess we do when we have hurricanes. Then everyone is on the roads to Georgia--except for my neighborhood. We're never in an evacuation zone.


  14. Such a great idea to have this type of function. With only one road, your canyon is much more isolated than I thought.

  15. You live in such a bonded, strong community. I will pray about your diabetes issues. Life seems to be coming at us from all sides lately, doesn't it?

  16. Having been evacuated for fire several times, I think that your evacuation practice is a great idea!!


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