Friday, February 8, 2019

Faith Says:

Nothing gets between me and my ball.

I Say: More like caught in the act.

Samson Says: Nothing stands between me and the couch. 

We woke up to a gorgeous morning, 14 degrees (-10C) so I went outside and took a picture of the sky, the frost, and the shadows. 

When I went back inside, the drapes were still drawn and it was pretty dark. So the picture quality is bad, but the dogs are funny. 

I moved my furniture together to protect my new rug from dirty paws. There's so much mud and water in the dog run and they drag it in. I have good rugs both outside and inside the doggie door, but they got wet and I had to hang them on the fence. 

Well, nothing stops a determined dog, I guess, and this is what I walked in on. Samson stole Faith's ball (I should say one of her many balls, but the one she wanted NOW). He's chewing on it. Faith sees me and her tail goes between her legs as she must know she's so BUSTED! I never caught her on the table before, so I guess she just had a sense it wasn't OK. But you know Faith, she just had to have her ball.

Here her tail is going  a guilty 100 miles an hour, but she stands her ground, and the minute Samson turns his head, she moves forward and grabs the ball. I missed that moment.

And here she is, on the folded up part of the rug with her ball. Life with dogs, what can I say?

Tidying Update

The clothes on hangers in both bedroom closets and the hall closet are sorted: keep, donate, consignment, and toss. It wasn't too bad. I go through my closets quite often. The difference this time is that got inspired by my friend Christina, who told me she had gotten rid of practically all non-essential stuff. 

This morning, I pulled down everything that was on the shelves above the clothes. There were bags, hats, caps, my CERT hard hat, scarves, and so on. I got so many gifts of bags from Rosemary after Errol died, her way of cheering me up, which has resulted in me having way more bags than at any other time in my life. I love them, I love what she did for me, so they will stay for now. Instead, I'm donating my older bags. I had all of them when I worked at UCLA, many years ago now, so time for them to go. 

I took this picture on our way home from the DMV in Arvin, where Mary got her license renewed and Bob got his Real ID card. After all this rain, there should be gorgeous wildflowers growing up and down those hills pretty soon. 


  1. You've done so great getting rid of things you don't want. I worked on a few clothes today and filled one bag. That felt good. LOVE your view with that brilliant blue sky! Enjoy your weekend! Those dogs look like they want to go outside and play!

  2. It looks like the canyon is starting to green up. Yes soon, the wild flowers will be popping up.
    Sorry about all that mud the dogs tracks in but at least, they are good companions for you.
    You are doing well with decluttering. I hope the grounds dries up for the dog so they keep the mud off their feet.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Your last picture is beautiful! What a funny story and pictures of Faith & Samson. And you were just the distraction that Faith needed! She was very quick!

  4. -10C, that is almost as cold as it gets down here. and at our place, not even that cold. This morning we had a balmy 13C, so good after all the HOT days. Love your photos, and the story. I have to laugh at their antics.

  5. Hi Inger - they are funny aren't they ... and yes an easy way to get to the ball for Faith. Love your room - it looks so cosy ... the apricot (I hope that's near enough right) colour really rings out. You are doing well ... and of course animals bring their own delight and dirt! Enjoy them ... they look so much fun - have a happy weekend - cheers Hilary

    PS Looks like you should get some wonderful wild flowers after your rain and as Spring cometh ... it'll be beautiful ...

  6. yay for organizing and getting rid of unused items. and a standing ovation for Faith on her new STAGE.. I laughed all the way through this story because it is so DOG. I love it... Baby used to take Jakes ball and he was having none of it until he got it back. Baby never chased a ball in her life, but she would get it and hold it, to make him try to take it... life is so much fun with canine friends

  7. Yikes, that is cold. Love how Faith used you as a distraction to grab the ball back. It worked. You make me realize I need to get busy getting rid of stuff I don't use. Thanks.

  8. I'm going through all my stuff so I can move to the retirement home next Wednesday. It's a lot of work!!

  9. aw... mom! I love how you know Faith! actually both of them. but especially Faith when she thinks she might be in trouble but doesn't want to give up! LOLOL! that tail always says it all. :D
    I felt like clearing the decks today myself. I usually never let anything pile up. this winter I have. just haven't felt like much. I was sick from the middle of November into the last week in January! good grief. using that as an excuse anyway! now I just want "stuff" GONE! I always BREATHE so much better!

  10. The dogs are so funny - great personalities both of them. You are doing really well with the clearing out - I've been doing a bit of Marie Kondo folding ! - normally I bypass those things as utter rubbish, but lying in bed sick (again) I was reduced to watching rubbish videos - and I can't believe the amount of stuff I've either binned or got ready for the charity shop just from one drawer in my bedroom - see how long this lasts lol
    Looking forward to seeing the wildflowers when they emerge
    Fil x

  11. I love T when you catch dogs doing things theynjnow are wrong and they are all ‘oh hi. Nothing to see here’.


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