Thursday, February 14, 2019

Road Trip With Mary

Earlier this week, Mary and I went down to the Central Valley to visit friends. We were happy to leave the cold and snow behind. 

When we stopped at Murray Farms at the foot of the mountains we were greeted by this beautiful pink rose.

I always enjoy the palm trees there. And I always take a picture. 

The sun was strong, the shadows sharp, so I took a picture. Just for fun!

Once we got to Carol's place, she drove the rest of the way to Exeter, where she and I had lunch and Mary met up with  Chan. Last time the four of us had lunch together, this time, we separated to better catch up with each other. Carol and I have been friend forever and so have Chan and Mary.  

When we finished lunch, Carol took me to her favorite thrift store, The Pink Lady, where everything was on sale for $1.00 or less. It was a fun place, and I bought a sweat shirt, two books, and two small paintings.

The valley is beautiful with fertile fields, plowed and planted now, 

and the Sierra Nevada mountains in the background.

We passed grove upon grove of orange trees; these are naval oranges, the best ever. Carol has a tree of her own in her backyard.

So, of course, when we came back to Carol's house, we picked oranges. I picked some of these and Carol gave me the ones she picked. You know I will be busy enjoying them for a long time to come. 

This backside of a row of kitchen cabinets faces my dining area. I know this is a fuzzy picture, but it's just for now. The two small paintings on either side of the Bell painting are the ones I bought at The Pink Lady. I thought they would be perfect here.

I will adjust them so they are at an even distance form the Bell painting. And take a better picture for a future post. Since the Bell painting was a gift from Carol, I just wanted to show her this to give her an idea of what "her" wall will look like. 

Thank you Carol for a lovely day. Mary and I had such a good time. Hope to come back in May.


  1. It's nice seeing things are growing and greening up. We still have mountains of snow here but I planted some Geranium seeds yesterday. They need plenty of time to grow. The navel oranges are plentiful and juicy unlike the ones we buy in the stores.
    You did find some great bargains at the thrift store.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. This looks like a wonderful trip! I love thrift shops, and the paintings look just perfect. I cannot wait to see them better! This is a lovely and straight row of palm trees! We have none here. I can only imagine how awesome an orange tree smells. What a gorgeous rose!! Makes me want spring!

  3. What a great day. Being able to pick oranges just seems so exotic to me!

  4. Days withgood friends are the best. How wonderful to have just picked oranges.

  5. How nice that you have such a complete change of climate with orange trees in fruit so close by.

  6. The valley and mountains in the distance, so beautiful, a long stretch of road. And then the oranges, love the painting setting, they are great together on the wall.

  7. Hi Inger - it's funny to hear you say ... 'you were pleased to get away from the cold'??!! But so pleased you had such a fun day out ... and those oranges - would love them too. Fascinating pictures - they'll fit well and you'll be reminded of your trip for future days. Delightful - thank you - cheers Hilary

  8. what fun! and I've always loved that painting of the purple cottage.
    so I had to revisit that post too. and the thoughtfulness of your wonderful friend Carol!
    I hadn't been following your blog all that long and I thought it was you sitting in the arch. :)
    that painting always makes me think of sweet perfect mornings! cool air but sunny. I LOVE IT!
    a great trip and a great post. and all the fresh oranges. oh my!

  9. Getting together with friends is always welcomed in the middle of winter! What a climate shock - snow at home, roses down below :D

    Love the art wall, esp. the bell painting - Im running out of wall room here, and have started to hang paintings in the bathroom :)


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