Thursday, February 21, 2019

Notes From The Canyon

We finally got some "real" snow overnight. A soft powder created a beautiful morning. 

Which inspired a few pictures. Then we headed out early for a chance to play in the snow.

It has been interesting to see how these storms travel east and become so much more ferocious as they move across country. There have been so many of them and I wonder if this is the last one bringing snow to our area. Since I've lived here, the last day it snowed was May 23rd. Years ago. 

Before we walk, I throw balls for Faith. Chasing balls is her absolute favorite thing to do. 

She has gained some weight so she's not as fast as she used to be. She looks larger and more solid with the weight on, more like a Lab, albeit a short-legged one. 

But she still needs to lose a few pounds. 

I'm sure Samson does too, we just haven't been active enough. His food is so good though that he has managed to maintain his weight, but now I'm not sure and it's hard to tell with all that winter fur. 

He loves the snow, of course, and one can see he's made for it. 

Other than that, I've been pretty much stuck here, sitting out one storm after another. Our road is so bad that even if one can get out, one doesn't want to try because driving on it just makes it worse. 

Tuesday was a glorious day and I had to go to town to get some groceries, donate some of the things I purged when I tidied up, go to the post office, and a couple of other places. It was a perfect day! Cold, beautiful blue sky, snow in the mountains, but clear roads. I was so happy, the day was perfect!

I have made progress on the tidy up project. Both closets are now completely done, as are the shelves and drawers in the master bedroom. I just need to wash the mirrors on the closet doors, then I can move on to the next project, which is clean my house. I haven't done any spring cleaning for a couple of years and it is much needed. So I will move on to that soon. I had set a 2/28 deadline for the closets so now I guess I have some time to play -- or work on my income taxes........


  1. Dear Inger, your drive with regard to decluttering and cleaning up certain puts any of my efforts in the shade! I do so hope to get back to doing something every week--declutter a drawer, clear off the top of a vanity, decide which pans I no longer use.

    Your snow photos with Samson and Faith just delight me! Thank you. Peace.

  2. so glad you had a perfect day to go into town and complete your outside chores. I love seeing the pups playing in the snow, they both look wonderful and oh so happy in the snow.. I know you are so satisfied your bedroom and closets are done. I had a list of 7 things to do, there are still 3 left but now I need to add MORE. I did not post today but saw this pop up and wanted to say HI

  3. You have put your time to good use and your house will be so much easier to clean now that you have decluttered. The dogs looks very happy in the snow if I can tell by all the paw prints in the snow.
    Spring is not far away and I'm sure it will find you sooner that it will find me but we are only 26 days to spring.
    Take care, hugs, Julia

  4. They look so happy. Totally overcome with joy! It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to make our pets happy. I love your last picture of the mountains,so beautiful!

  5. A Bluebird Day, is what our family say when they are in snow like that. You are really so up to the date with tidying, well done.

  6. Snow! Your babies sure enjoyed the race-around!

  7. Hi Inger - that looks quite a lot of snow ... you must all be relishing the colder times - perhaps not Faith ... but I guess there will be cuddling up to keep warm. Congratulations on doing so much sorting out and tidying up - it makes such a difference when one is on top of things ... have a happy weekend ... cheers Hilary

  8. Now that is a real snow and I am so envious. We have only had dustings so far. I can imagine this is Samson's perfect type of day but Faith seems to be enjoying also.

  9. I her, your snow is beautiful and the pups seem to have enjoyed it:). All we seem to get is rain.

  10. Snow in your world like ours, Inger. So happy to re-connect. Now if you can convince Jim to restart his blog or a new one would be a good thing, correct!!
    We are muddling along and I will be in touch!

  11. waw...frozen cold, but beautiful views.
    have a great weekend

  12. Hell Inger, you've shown us some gorgeous scenery and it looks like your dogs are really enjoying it.

  13. I love your beautiful snowy scenes! I am jumping on your blog real quick to ask you to write me an email so that I can tell you what's happened to lavender dreams. I couldn't find your email address! Hugs, Diane

    1. Diane, this is unbelievable. I was able to reach your new blog by clicking on Lavender Dreamer in this comment. That reached your home page and from there I could get to your new blog. I forgot to look for your email, but will go back and check. I will definitely write about this in my next blog post. I don't do social media, but I hope all your friends that do will address this.

  14. I love seeing your dogs playing in the snow. Great photos! Snow in the desert is such a rare treat.

  15. That snow sure is beautiful! Those are wonderful photos of your dogs. They look as if they adore the snow! Faith looks so happy sprinting through it.


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