Friday, February 1, 2019

Archive Favorites ~ Post No. 1

Canyon landscape with clouds.

I will leave the Rust posts until spring when I can hopefully get out more and hunt for rusty things. Instead, I'm starting a new numbered project with favorite photos from my archives.

I have also found some great old photos from my mom and dad's early years together. My dad was a good photographer and used a very good Swedish made camera, a Hasselblad. I found some old pictures while on my quest to tidy up and get rid of stuff. So I'm thinking about posting some of those as well. 


I feel so bad for all of you caught in the Polar Vortex. I was in minus 25 F in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, back in 1970, but there was so much snow around, it sort of made it feel less cold. Probably not much wind either. I'm living in a windy place here and I know that's what really makes it bad. I can't even imagine what you are going through. 

So I'm thinking of all of you. And little Ruby dog in Chicago, I guess you have to stay indoors......


  1. Gorgeous photos Inger - it'll be lovely to see your favourites and to learn a little more about Swedish life ... take care - as you say no Polar Vortex for you ... and we don't have snow down here ... just wet mist! Cheers Hilary

  2. What a fabulous photo of the canyon...those clouds and the pretty color! It's been colder at night here in Florida lately but not bad during the day. Supposed to be 70 today...I know a lot of people that would love that temperature! Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  3. What a gorgeous photo of your canyon landscape.
    I'm looking forward to seeing some more of your new found photos.
    We have snow here and it's getting colder and windy. -18 ℃ or -0.4 ℉. and 47 days to spring.
    Take care, hugs, Julia

  4. that photo looks like the clouds are icing on the mountains.. beautiful. I like to go through my archives and show things from the past. waiting to see what you found

  5. Beautiful photo, can't wait to see more!!

  6. That photo is awesome. Suitable for framing and hanging on the wall. Stay warm.

  7. This is a gorgeous picture, with the low lying clouds on the mountains and the band of pink. I have never heard of this Swedish camera, looking forward to those pictures!

  8. Your photo is marvelous. I look forward to seeing more.

    This week, polar vortex, next week, spring. On Tuesday, we expect temperatures in the mid-sixties.

  9. those cameras from many years ago took wonderful photos. Light meters, film , or slides. tripods, and more.I did a Google search on Hasselblad, you would find this so interesting. Your Dad probably had one of the most wonderful film cameras made.

  10. That's a beautiful photo, and I like your idea of a numbered series of favorites. I remember when I first got into photography years ago... we all wanted a Hasselblad, but none of us could afford it! But it was my dream camera.

  11. you always have beautiful photos Inger. I think you've made me appreciate dessert scenes more than I thought possible. my husband Bob had a Hasselblad! I hadn't thought of that in years. I think his parents probably took it when I moved away after his funeral.
    photography is such an amazing artform. capturing moments in time. it's magical to me.

  12. What a beautiful photo!!! I love the clouds and the pinks...

    The polar vortex does look horrible!!


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