Monday, February 4, 2019

Samson The Samoyed Dog

I saved this Christmas card from Defenders of Wildlife because that wolf pup could be Samson's sibling. 

This from the American Kennel Club:

"The Samoyed is an ancient working breed developed by the nomadic Samoyed people of Siberia. His jobs included herding reindeer, hunting, hauling sledges and guard work. The Samoyed people depended upon their dogs for survival. Samoyed dogs actually slept in the shelters with their people.

Their exceedingly close association with humans helped to imprint a wonderful temperament on the breed with the smiling face, laughing eyes and stunning silver tipped coat. The Samoyed, a working dog, is happiest when he has a job, even if it is just bringing in the daily paper." 

Samson as a young dog. This may be my favorite picture of him.

Samson is a kind and patient dog, he practically raised Faith who arrived here when Errol was so ill. He is wonderful with people and is much loved at the veterinary hospital where he has spent far too much time. He was patient and calm when his eyes were examined at the veterinary ophthalmologist. And what he puts up with at the groomer is beyond belief. Grooming him takes about two and a half hours. Just the blow dry requires a lot of patience. 

He knows all the basic training commands and, if he feels like it, he will obey, if he doesn't, he won't. He thinks he's in charge around here and knows best. This is pretty typical for Nordic breeds; they are hard-working and hard-headed dogs. Since he's so calm and so sweet and does behave when it's necessary, I just let him be.

With one exception:

Unfortunately, because he has to take a small dose of Prednisone, a steroid, he is always very hungry and he can get on my diabetic nerves when my sugars are too low and I need to EAT. He likes to hang out in the kitchen, hoping I will drop something. I've been known to raise my voice. He couldn't care less, but Faith gets extremely upset if I get upset, so I've learned to put them outside when I feel shaky.  

I learned once that he will defend me if needed. A meth addicted woman was trespassing numerous times and when I had had enough, I confronted her. When she started screaming at me and waving her hands in the air, Samson who was with me and on leash, lunged at her with a tremendous roar coming from deep inside him. Fortunately there was a fence between us or this could have ended badly as I was completely unprepared.

Samson was depressed when Errol left and never came back. After about six months, it looked to me like he woke up one morning and decided he needed a job. Since then he has been the best guard and watch dog I've ever lived with. And I've lived with three Dobermans and one German shepherd. He also has the best hearing and alerts as soon as a car pulls in to our road.  

He also barks when I leave. He didn't before Errol left that last time. So he is upset, but doesn't suffer from separation anxiety the way some dogs do. He's just too calm for that, so he is protesting in the moment, then he quiets down. By the time I unlock the gate, he has forgotten all about it. But I need to work with him on that barking because he riles Faith up. She doesn't like that he barks at me and tries to shut him up. Which to her means she has to jump on him and try to chase him away from me. So it's a circus here every time I walk out the front door. 

I'm lacking patience and energy to deal with this and would appreciate your advice if something comes to mind. 

Other than that, he is a wonderful dog, my fluff monster, so sweet and kind. And it seems like all his medicines are in balance because he's doing really well and hasn't been to the vet for the longest time. I'm so grateful for every day he is feeling well.

Ancient Dog Breeds

Studies done in 2004 and 2010 found 9 and 13 respectively ancient breeds that were genetically divergent from the modern breeds. These are the 13 breeds: The Basenji, Saluki, Afghan Hound, Akita, Samoyed, Canaan Dog, Malamute, Siberian Husky, New Guinea singing Dog, dingo, Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chow and American Eskimo Dog. A 2012 study confirmed these breeds and added three, the Eurasier, Finnish Spitz, and Shiba Inu, referring to these breeds as Basal breeds. 

Samson is part of this group of dogs, which I think is pretty neat.


  1. he is so handsome and I have to say Beautiful to. all of these photos are amazing and show how gorgesous he is.. I am sure there is a way to train him about the barking but I am not good at training. I did not know this about his breed. very interesting. the thing is almost every word you used to describe him, fits our big black dog also, except for barking. he doesn't bark. we have only hear him bark once, three times in 4 months. the one barking episode was when Amazon driver ran up the driveway,through the package down, banged on door and ran back down the drive... the drivers never run and he pays them no mind, which means I think he felt they were threatening us....

  2. I have no idea, why this beautiful Sampson is barking when you leave. Maybe, he worries you won't come back. Have you tried to leave him a piece of your clothing that has your scent on it like a shirt or something like that. I had to do that for my miniature poodle and when I left, she would put her head on my dirty shirt to smell my scent. It seemed to work for her.

    I've never had big dogs, only small ones. You might find the answer online. I'm glad that you feel safe with him around.
    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  3. Taking a note from Julia, I rubbed a toilet top on the mother of a puppy I bought. I wrapped it around a wind-up clock and put it into the box the puppy slept in at night. It kept him quiet, thinking the ticking was the beat of the mother he smelled on the toilet top! Samson would probably chew on a ticking toilet top though! :-) Your photos of Samson are beautiful.


  5. He is so beautiful! I think it is important for a woman living alone to have a good defender, and dogs like Samson are the best. I did not know about the ancient and newer breeds. But men are always trying to create new breeds, which is usually not a good thing. Most have their own kind of health problems, peculiar to just them. His poses are gorgeous!

  6. Samson is a beautiful dog and sounds like a loyal friend!!

  7. Love the Sammie smile but good to know he can recognize a threat and protect you. Not sure what to do about barking.

  8. Such sweet couple, Samson and Faith. You are indeed in good paws.

  9. He really is a gorgeous dog and I know you feel better having your dogs with you! I liked learning more about this breed too. Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

  10. Such a faithful companion, with the best smile :)

  11. Samson is such a gorgeous companion, and maybe he is just plain lonesome when he barks.Yes, clothing with your smell on might help quite a bit. Love your header photo, so refreshing and cooling with the heat we have down here.

  12. Is there a special toy Samson could have only when you're going out? It might distract him, or it might give him an even stronger alert that you're going out.


  13. Samson is such a beautiful and loving dog. He is fortunate to have you and Faith and you and Fsith are lucky to have him.

  14. It is very cool that Samson is one of those ancient breeds! He seems like a wonderful dog. I'm so glad that his health is good and the vets have balanced out his meds.

    As for the issues that you raise, I'll offer up my ideas. I think that putting them outside when you feel shaky is a great solution to that one. I occasionally get hypoglycemia, and I know that I cannot think clearly when it happens... so I'm glad that you have a solution.

    As for Samson getting upset when you leave, I have a trick that I use with our dogs. I freeze treats (baby food, canned dog food, yogurt...) inside kong toys (if you don't have any or know what they are, ask me!). I give each dog one frozen kong when I leave. Because they're frozen, it takes at least 15 minutes for the dogs to lick out the good stuff. They love them! In fact, I'm fairly sure that they're happy to see me getting ready to leave them because they know that they will get frozen kongs! It completely resolved any stress that they ever felt about me leaving. Maybe this would help Samson?

    1. Yes, I know what they are, but never thought of frozen treats. Thank you, I will try this.

  15. i love this post. I knew about all Samoyeds'wonderful smiles but I didn't know their history of living so closely with their people. it's wonderful. his job now is taking care of you and he does it well. I LOVE the pictures! then I had to read past posts... of when he was little and nearly lost his vision forever. thank heaven for great vets!
    sometimes I think I'd rather be taken care of by a good veterinarian any day! I really mean that.
    bless you darling bean and your little family... sweet Faith and your ever faithful Samson. XOXO


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