Sunday, February 10, 2019

Snowflakes In The Dark

These are snowflakes falling in the dark. This really inspired me to finally begin to learn how to operate a camera again. There was a time, years ago, when I knew how. I even had a Leica with a lightmeter and all that.

Then, as cameras became automatic, my laziness took over. The pictures usually came out OK and I never, until now, bought a camera I could actually do something with. I've had it for almost a year so it is time to begin to learn and understand what it can do. Snowflakes are hitting the ground in the above picture. 

Snowflake or flakes hitting the ground. Just think how much better it would have been if I had understood the setting, the light and so on. And opportunities like this don't come often. 

Then, just for fun, my ghostly shadow takes a picture of Samson, who perhaps thought he really saw a ghost and turned his head away. 

I think this is a really interesting picture because that shadow looks so real, doesn't it?


  1. i agree, the shadow photos is really good and the shadow looks real. I am so happy for you that you are spending time with the camera. it will come back to you from the past, your brain just needs jogging a little... also learning the camera is brain exercise. I am re-learning my Rebel and it is a struggle and it has only been 3 years since I used it. the brain forgets but it is there hidden. I love the night shots, the gate is really good.. looks like the snow was coming down so fast it was streaking to the ground

  2. Great pictures! Your shadow does look real!

  3. New cameras are so loaded with features, its mind boggling but if you play with it long enough, you'll learn how to use its features. Photography is a great pastime. Especially now that we don't have to pay for bad photos as we can simply delete them and start over. I haven't learned all what my camera can do but I have mastered some features to get by with. At first I was so intimidated with my Canon T1 Rebel but mow, even though it's heavy, I prefer it to my iPhone to take photos because I can always attach my big lens to take close up of objects that are far away.

    I haven't tried to take photos of the falling snow but I think the shutter speed has to be very fast to be able to capture the snow as our eyes sees it. You can also go online and there a lot of information about photography.

    I agree that last photo looks like someone took a picture from behind and that shadow looks so real.
    I hope that you continue to play with your camera and have fun.
    Have a great Sunday. Hugs, Julia

  4. What you CAN do right now is very good; you'll learn the rest!!

  5. Shadow photos are cool and always get my attention. Seems to have made Samson a bit leery.

  6. I like the pictures. They are very unusual, and kind of spooky in a way. Can't wait to see what you com up with in your experimentation!

  7. P.S. Also, a shadow in the dark, WOW! Seems like it could not be possible!

  8. Spooky is the right word. Great photos.

  9. They are all great, but the shadow one, a keeper. They say use a camera every day, I did at one time,and should do again, even if only to find new settings.

  10. a total art form all by itself. and you already have the eye of the artist. film and processing were always so expensive!
    now being digital should make it all so exciting! my husband loved it too. he once turned half of our garage into a dark room. he even had an enlarger… that big drum thing... or whatever it was. lol. now no messing with all that! the shadow one is amazing. I thought that was actually YOU and not your shadow!
    I love the name of this post.


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