Thursday, February 7, 2019


Our lawn was replaced by weeds during the drought and now, because of the high fire risk, we must have 100 feet clearance around our houses by June 1 of each year. When a hard rain falls and there's no vegetation, everything becomes a muddy mess. 

Samson doesn't mind becoming a muddy mess. He also doesn't mind if his furry paws drag it in the house. I'm glad though that I put in the patio, it helps a lot.

Then some snow fell, some snow mixed with rain fell (snoblandat regn in Swedish - don't know why that has stayed in my mind). I love the wintry light here, I love when a weak winter sun shines from behind the clouds. 

I'm definitely a winter person, apart from horseback riding and swimming, my favorite sports were ice skating on hockey skates and later speed skates, and cross-country skiing. But when I was a kid in Sweden, winter lasted from about November to April, or something like that, which is way too long as you get old. Here the snow lasts a few days at the max. The sun is still very warm and I am still living in Southern California and that's OK. I've never had to shovel snow here.

Samson is loving it!

Faith says, "please get me out of here! Now!"

I'm finishing up with a picture Barbro just sent me from Sweden where it's very cold and a huge amount of snow has fallen. She said she's so ready for spring.

And a beautiful spring it will be, all around. However, my tractor guy has retired, so I will have to find someone else to cut back the weeds before June 1.  Joyce says not to fret, it will all work out. Since I do tend to fret, I will, even though that is a completely useless emotion. It will probably all work out. It usually does.

Have a great day, everyone!

Happy Birthday to my friend Jane!


  1. As always, your photos are beautiful!!

  2. Samson looks so sweet in the dog house and I can tell he is loving it and Faith is not. I wonder what Big would do. we will never know because no way would I go anywhere it might snow. I am a not winter person.... the piles of snow are gorgeous as I sit here barefoot and in sleevless gown. ha ha

  3. forgot to say I love, love these words snoblandat regn

  4. I love the last picture of both Samson and Faith, side by side. Fluffy white and sleek black. Are there words for different kinds of snow in Sweden, like Alaska has? I really do think that at certain times, fretting has it's benefits. If we don't fret, it will show itself in other ways. Plus it prompts us to get with it.

  5. The snow makes everything look so pretty and clean! Beautiful photos! Hope you have a wonderful afternoon! Hugs!

  6. What a different look the snow gives. We have so much snow and we've had snow since the beginning of November. I'm ready for spring... I'm not a fan of winter anymore. I haven't skated since my youth and no longer feel safe on ice.
    Samson looks like he loves snow
    Take care, Hugs, Julia

  7. Samson, you are truly having fun out there. And the snow in Sweden, looks like a wonderful double or triple glazed window. Yes, skating and even walking on ice is for the sure footed. that leaves me way behind now. And I have never had to shovel snow away in my whole life !!! As we are in Friday, and you might be a bit later to arrive at the end of the week, have happy days, whatever day they might be.

  8. Well the snow is probably easier to deal with on Samson's feet in the house. This has to be his season and am sure he loves it. Faith--not so much.

  9. It's so fun to see snow on your property! It should be a really good wildflower season. Fingers crossed!

  10. notice of new posts in all my favorite subscribed blogs always arrive a day late for some reason! but I've decided I like it. I always get to read everyone's wonderful comments too that way. and this is a great community.
    I have always liked winter too. I like seeing the bare bones of the trees. and the heavenly crisp air! our winter hasn't been bad. no heavy ice storms like we usually have. as I'm older I find I suffer with any extremes. especially the heat. Faith's face looks like mine in the summers here! "let me IN where it's COOL!" LOL.
    and sweet Samson just loving it. and I AM LOVING YOUR PICTURES!!! xo


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