Monday, September 14, 2020

Donkey Love, Fire Safety, Caring Blogger Friends

When all else fails and one can't come up with an idea for a post, a smiling donkey will make everyone happy. Hopefully....

I didn't realize it had been a week since I last posted. 

After my last post you were concerned about the fires and now I'm concerned that I worried you. 

I think the most important thing to know is that I don't live in a forest. There are no tall trees close together here. There are  grass lands and juniper trees, which are spaced out. They will burn of course, but I could stand in the middle of my yard and they could burn without being a danger to me. Other than the smoke, which would be a  huge problem for my lungs. And with wind, my house could burn down. 

This is real and it is dangerous, but it's nothing like you see on TV, the large forests burning, with a long way to drive to escape. 

You may remember that I have to clear all weeds for 100 feet around my house by June 1 each year. Once cleared, nothing will grow back until the following year. So I'm surrounded by dirt, not the prettiest, but the safest.

The little towns that are located in the middle of these large forests in California are adorable, of that I'm sure, but with climate change and the increase in fires it has brought, living there is becoming so very dangerous.

And I'm sorry that I worried you. Up and down the West Coast, there will be smoke from the large fires. I heard that the smoke can travel 1,000 miles. And it's dangerous to breathe, so one has to stay indoors as much as possible. 

For now, I'm worried about Sally and my relatives in New Orleans. There's always something with the weather this time of year.


  1. Thank you posting to put our mind at ease and thanks for the sweet smile. What a cute donkey. So much devastation because of those wild fires.

    Stay safe and well dear Inger.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. My daughter was hours from evacuating during the fires in the Santa Cruz mountains. She lives in town and, miraculously, they were able to stop it before it went there. The smoke there, however, is horrible and so dangerous. I wish she would move as I think this is the future of California. Every year seems to get worse.

  3. Thanks for the reassurance. From a distance, and seeing video of only the worst of the fires, it's hard to tell how much danger you might be in. I live in the east coast and was asked recently if the smoke was affecting me! Thousands of miles from it. So people don't have a clear notion of distances.

    Glad you're okay.

  4. Love the donkey and the smile and it made me smile! All good news that the weeds are gone and that you are fairly safe and that means you're as safe as any of us are with all the different things that can happen at any given moment. Glad to see a post pop up that lets us know you're doing fine.

  5. So glad you are safe from the fires and hopefully the smoke. We seem to be dealing with one disaster after another lately and I feel for those in the paths.
    Stay safe.

  6. I looked at a Google map and thought there might be fires about 45 minutes away from you on either side. So good to know you feel relatively safe, apart from the wind and smoke. Do not worry and having us worry, that is what blogging friends are here for,I think fires, Covid 19 and violence against the darker skinned ones are all here to stay,. We feel safer down here, even with new clusters in Auckland, that is at least 4.5 hours north of us. XXX from a wet morning at 5.30 a.m.

  7. Glad to know you're ok Inger - it's such a sensible idea clearing all the weeds and rough grass. I was talking to someone earlier this evening in Seattle and the smoke is very bad there. The weather is really mad at the moment.

  8. Glad to hear you are okay!

    I saw on the news that some of the smoke from California has reached as far as Michigan.

  9. This is a big relief! This donkey picture is priceless!!!

  10. Picture of the smiling donkey wonderful. I'm sure it made everyone smile!!
    Glad there is no danger of fire for you.

  11. I'm so glad to hear from you and know you are alright! I know you keep your house cleared around it but it's terrible about the smoke and air quality. I hope you can stay inside and don't suffer from it. Take care my friend.

  12. good to know - i never saw big trees around you from your photos so yes, that's a good thing for sure. New Orleans - ...i hope the hurricane doesn't turn into a big one for them.

  13. who on earth doesn't love a little donkey!
    he was my favorite character in Shrek.
    I'm glad you're safe. and you're right...
    every part of the country has its own weather cross to bear! :D xoxo

  14. I'm glad you will stay safe! This is a bad time of year for weather. Makes me glad to live in Michigan.

  15. I love the donkey! Such a cheery sight! I am glad you are safe and that you take good care to protect the land you live on.

  16. My sister has lots of donkeys, so visiting her is such fun. She keeps tempting me to take home a couple! :~) I think your desert is beautiful.

  17. Hi Inger - I just knew you'd be ok ... and you've always taken care of the rabbit brush weed to protect yourself that way, as required by local regulatons.

    Lovely pics ... I always love your photos of your animals ... just look after yourself in the heat ... I see it's not quite so bad - but I know the heat stresses you.

    Take care and all the best - all well here ... Britain is interesting times ... my latest post has some odd connections to today ... once you get there - enjoy - you'll appreciate the area.

    With thoughts - Hilary

  18. A smiling donkey is the best!!!!! I'm glad that you are okay. Autumn cannot come soon enough.


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