Friday, September 18, 2020

A Strange Story Of Two Goats

After I posted the donkey picture the other day, and read your comments, I realized that these wonderful animals bring a lot of joy. I knew this of course, so I decided to tell more stories from the time I worked at the rescue. 

After I retired from UCLA and we moved up here, the donkey rescue was located next door, on the property that Joyce later bought. As the rescue was just starting up, the owners asked if I would be interested in a part time job. I agreed and ended up managing the gift shop, writing thank you notes for donations, and writing stories for their news letter. 

Of course I was also hanging out among the animals and, as I got to know them, learned how wonderful, loving, and smart donkeys really are.

But there were other animals there as well. This is the strange story of some goats, two of which ended up at the rescue. 

One day, the owners of the rescue got a call from the Highway Patrol, asking if they would accept two goats. It turned out the cops had stopped a guy and, as they were talking to him, they heard noises from the trunk. Not sure what was going on, they asked the guy to open the trunk. I'm sure they couldn't believe their eyes when they found several goats in there. A couple of them were dead, but two had survived. 

And they came to the rescue. We named them Eduardo and Manuel, as they were most likely Mexican goats. The driver of the car was Mexican, as it turned out. No idea what he was thinking or where he was going with them, but so glad that these two survived. They were a joy and among my favorites at the rescue.

Here I am, feeding one of them a treat.

Playing chase, getting ready to butt horns, perhaps, but no doubt happy to be alive.

Best buddies, sharing a secret...


  1. I love stories with a happy ever after ending... they are precious.. and a lot bigger than I thought they would be.. so glad you had the fun of working with the donkeys and goats, that is a job i would have enjoyed too

  2. That had to be a great job, Inger. Goats have beautiful, vulnerable faces, although I know they can be a handful at times - just like humans.

  3. Oh, those ears in your first picture. What a sweet couple they were. I hope that man was suitably punished, and stayed away from any and all animals in the future!

  4. Dear Inger, not sure why, but every time I try to comment, I somehow lose the comment mid-way. So I'll be quick: thank you for your great love of animals; it's inspiring. And thank you for the Monday posting in which you assured us that you were ok. I didn't know about pulling the weeds for 100 feet. I've been thinking of you and hoping that you are safe. Take care. Peace.

  5. Working at the Rescue seemed to be a lovely job.
    I like the picture of you feeding the goat.

  6. Hard to believe how some people treat animals. Such wonderful worthwhile work working at the rescue center. I had a couple of goats from a farm follow me for a couple of miles as I walked one morning!!
    Thanks Inger, for your kind comment you left me yesterday! :)

  7. I'm so glad the goats got rescued but sad about the others who didn't make it. I prefer the donkeys over the goat because goats are so mischievous I guess.
    Stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. That is a shocking story, someone with goats in the trunk of his car, and some of the goats dead. These two goats got rescued to a great place for them to live, and I like your job working with the rescue animals.

  9. I am so glad that at least two of them were rescued. Hope the guy was charged. I use to have goats and they are so entertaining.

  10. I am so happy to see you here . . . Goats!!!
    What a wonderful story! 💙

  11. Hi Inger - good heavens ... people - how can they treat animals like that ... and thank goodness these two goats were saved and obviously enjoyed their life. I'd forgotten the donkey sanctuary was next to you ... and great you were able to work part-time and help them out. Fun memories - so good to read - have a peaceful weekend - Hilary

  12. I just saw on the news that the Bobcat fire has exploded into the Antelope Valley. Is it close to you? Are you safe? The fires are just awful this year!

  13. a wonderful ending to a sad and horrific story.
    thank heaven for that astute Highway Patrolman.
    I love goats too! actually I'm guilty of loving ALL animals! xoxo

  14. Glad the two goats were rescued but also sad about the ones that died. That sounds like a interesting part time job to have!

  15. That's a sweet story about the goats. Those goats were fortunate to be saved. Love your banner photo.

  16. Wonderful story :) I have problems making comments on your blog ....
    Regards from Sweden Lasse

  17. I'm so glad that the rescue saved them and you played a part in it. A happy ending...


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