Monday, September 7, 2020

Smoky Dog Days Of Summer

Woke up to a very smoky morning. Fires are burning everywhere, it's scary and will get worse tomorrow and Wednesday because the wind will pick up. 

Samson has needed a bath for a long time, so this morning, smoky or not, I just had to get it done. It's not easy when you have to bend over him and your back gives out and begins to hurt. I think it's fair to say I got about half of him clean.

I took him in the house to dry him off a bit and brush out some of his fur. Then it struck me again, what a wonderful, patient, loving dog he is. So I just had to:

Hug him and kiss his furry forehead. I feel so bad, I no longer have the energy to take care of him. No, I do take care of him, it's just his fur that's so hard and I can't take him to the groomers because of he virus situation.

Then I remembered I have to drive the Jeep around for a while to keep the battery going until Wednesday when it's going to the shop, so I put on a mask and went outside. Faith saw an opportunity for some attention, so she snuck out.

And I let her run, while I drove the Jeep. I know this is not the smartest thing to do, because she may well believe that all cars are as nice as the Jeep and will definitely keep an eye on where she is and make sure to stop if needed. But there she was, free again, she seemed to say, after being cooped up due to the smoke. And with Samson getting all the attention this morning. 

As I drove around, I came upon the first Rabbit Brush in bloom. So happy! Fall definitely cannot be far behind. Or can it?

Happy Labor Day!


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