Monday, September 7, 2020

Smoky Dog Days Of Summer

Woke up to a very smoky morning. Fires are burning everywhere, it's scary and will get worse tomorrow and Wednesday because the wind will pick up. 

Samson has needed a bath for a long time, so this morning, smoky or not, I just had to get it done. It's not easy when you have to bend over him and your back gives out and begins to hurt. I think it's fair to say I got about half of him clean.

I took him in the house to dry him off a bit and brush out some of his fur. Then it struck me again, what a wonderful, patient, loving dog he is. So I just had to:

Hug him and kiss his furry forehead. I feel so bad, I no longer have the energy to take care of him. No, I do take care of him, it's just his fur that's so hard and I can't take him to the groomers because of he virus situation.

Then I remembered I have to drive the Jeep around for a while to keep the battery going until Wednesday when it's going to the shop, so I put on a mask and went outside. Faith saw an opportunity for some attention, so she snuck out.

And I let her run, while I drove the Jeep. I know this is not the smartest thing to do, because she may well believe that all cars are as nice as the Jeep and will definitely keep an eye on where she is and make sure to stop if needed. But there she was, free again, she seemed to say, after being cooped up due to the smoke. And with Samson getting all the attention this morning. 

As I drove around, I came upon the first Rabbit Brush in bloom. So happy! Fall definitely cannot be far behind. Or can it?

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Ah, poor Samson, the smoke must be hard on him as well as Faith as their noses are so sensitive. You are such a good mother to Faith and Samson. I sure hope that the forest fires stay away from your place. It has been such a very dry summer here also that growing veggies has been a real challenge. We used to have tonnes of tomatoes and this year, there are hardly any because the veggie gardens are not close to the water source.

    Stay well and safe.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Fires seem to have become an integral part of life in California. That's sad and scary!
    Samson and Faith are such cuties! They deserve all the attention you can offer them.

  3. The bush sure is pretty! I can imagine what a hard thing it is to bend over a large white dog and bathe him. Well, we do what we can, and that is all. I'm sure HE doesn't care.

  4. Please be careful. Will they let you know if you need to evacuate?

  5. Stay safe my blogging friend! But I have a feeling with Samson, and Faith too, you will be!

    By the way, I totally understand what you're saying about caring for Samson's coat, etc., you should see our boy Sunny, he looks homeless!!

  6. I'll bet you got the important half cleaned. He is patient and appeared OK with the grooming. I sure hope the fires do not get near you. I know you have the brush cleared but the smoke could be a real problem also. Do stay safe.

  7. Hi Inger - the fires sound really worrying and frightening and dangerous for many.

    Well done for at least getting Samson cleaner - he'll be pleased. And then Faith - glad she had a good run around ...

    Take care and all the best to getting the jeep into town for repairs. All the best and thinking of you .... Hilary

  8. like Sandi... I worry about you!
    just breathing that smoke would be a problem for me.
    and there you are...
    bathing Samson and keeping batteries going and exercising a lovable lab!
    be careful dear heart! and stay safe. XOXO

  9. That smoke must be terrible. The fires must be frightening. Please stay safe, dear Inger. You are very dear to us.

  10. I had just said to Bob a month or so ago that we needed one of those tubs that's on legs with a ramp that we could walk big up into the tub so that you don't have to bend over to bathe them. For Samsung with all that fur. He looks happy though and so does faith glad you remembered to ride the battery and Faith got to do her running around in a safe environment

  11. Must be worrying with the fires on your mind. Pray all stays well with you.

  12. I've been thinking about you and the ash and smoke and fires all over. I hope the winds aren't too bad for you. We had an alert from Edison that a power outage might happen and go t the alert this morning. And this afternoon we got another one saying it was cancelled. Seeing as they have to warn you 48 hours in advance tells me that the winds aren't going to be a big issues here in the mountains, thank GOD!!!! The skies like everywhere else in California are filled with smoke and ash has come down but no winds - just a gentle breeze today and a cool down. I love the photo of you and Samson - so so sweet! stay safe and healthy.

  13. I totally understand the pain involved in washing dogs. I have done it for years, and absolutely hate it!
    Once, when we were in CA, I took the dogs to a Pet Food Express. For $10 (each - I think) I could wash the dogs at their stations. They had lovely raised, enclosed areas where I could secure the dogs and bathe them. They even had shampoo and conditioner! It was is nice not to bend over to scrub our hunky, chunky dogs

  14. I am sure that sweet doggie enjoyed every minute of that half bath. And, I loved seeing your pretty picture.

  15. You'e dogs are so sweet! I bet it's hard to wash that thick fur!

  16. I sure hope they get the fires put out soon. It's very scary! I noticed you kissed Samson on the clean side! heehee! And you have a halo over your head. Aren't you special!!! Hugs!

  17. I know that feeling when it strikes you all over again what a good dog you have in your life. Samson is a lucky dog to have you.

    Stay safe. I hope for rain for your world to reduce those fires.

    Your comment on the most recent Black Dog Sunday was perfect. Somehow, our Black Dog brought out a side of me that felt his love so deeply and could express his essence. That is why I can write about him the way that I do. Thank you.

  18. Hej Inger ! Läser lite i våra tidningar om bränderna hos er där borta. Hoppas det går bra för dig och att det upphör snart. Otur med bilarna som gick sönder samtidigt .....Sköt om dig eller stay safe som ni säger over there :)

  19. Hi Inger, I stopped by because I wondered how you were doing in the California mountains. The wildfires are all up the west coast and our skies in British Columbia are hazy from the drift from Washington. Stay safe. Glad to see you still hanging in there.

  20. Life doesn’t get any easier, does it Inger? Certainly not when we ourselves suffer the indignities of growing old and ever less energetic.

    I hope the fires leave you alone and you and your critters stay safe.


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